Preorder | WiFi Enabled ALCHEMA machine + Extra Pitcher

Preorder | WiFi Enabled ALCHEMA machine + Extra Pitcher

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ESTIMATED DELIVERY - December 22th/2018. (Delivery time might take longer due to holiday season)



  • ALCHEMA machine comes with an App (iOS & Android) with user-friendly interface, clear instructions building beginners through every step and hundreds of recipes for mead, hard cider, beer, sake, and wine.

  • ALCHEMA App notifies you when your batch is ready to drink. Set it and forget it guaranteed!

  • An easy-to-read dashboard on ALCHEMA App shows current alcohol content (ABV), sweetness, remaining days before completion, and fermentation progress in percentage providing you full controllability.
  • ALCHEMA machine houses a UV-C LED sanitizer to disinfect the container before the fermentation starts. The main reason why we use UV-C LED to prevent your batch from getting contaminated is we want to keep your container not only clean but also odorless and no chemical left.
  • ALCHEMA machine has sensors to monitor the fermentation progress making sure you have everything under control, including alcohol content (ABV), sweetness, air pressure, and remaining days before your batch is ready to drink. Though we don't control the temperature, our algorithm allows you to concoct perfect drinks at room temperature. 

  • The ALCHEMA built-in weight sensor automatically tells you how much ingredients to use. Our all-in-one service empowers you to make perfect drinks without hassle.

  • ALCHEMA is Wi-Fi enabled so you can check in on your drinks, anytime and anywhere.

  • ALCHEMA uses the over-the-air (OTA) technology to allow you to upgrade the machine via your phone. Therefore, you don't have to buy a new gen for better user experience and fermentation-progress-tracking algorithm. The only thing you need to do is upgrade your machine.

  • ALCHEMA food grade pitcher is made of Tritan. The material we used is food proof and BPA-free provided by the top three brands in the states called eastman.

  • ALCHEMA pitcher has an air-release valve to allow CO2 to escape while preventing air from going in which creating a better environment for fermentation. 

  • ALCHEMA pitcher has a filter on the lid to trap the sediment, lees, and dormant yeast after fermentation. 

  • Dimensions: 15.7 (H) x 9.8 (W) x 8.3 (D) inches

  • Weight: 8.8 pounds

  • Volume: 81 ounces (equals to 3 wine bottles)

  • Power supply: microUSB 5V/1A (You can even power on ALCHEMA by your power bank.)

  • Power: 10 watts (Yes, 10 watts. ALCHEMA is power saving.)

  • Accessories include - ALCHEMA funnel, microUSB cable (70.8 inches), and 10W USB power adapter (110V~240V - 50/60Hz)


ALCHEMA is the smart home brewing system that turns fresh fruit into mead, hard cider, wine, sake, and beer in 3 - 5 days. ALCHEMA helps you to experiment and create your own craft drinks from different fruit and spice combinations. You can monitor and track the fermentation progress on the app, or just wait till it tells you it’s ready!



● WiFi Enabled ALCHEMA machine x  1 (one pitcher is included)
● Extra Pitcher x 1 
● Starter Yeast Set (including 5 packets of yeasts) 

* If shipped outside of the states, you might be charged local tax or duty.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 54 reviews
      Kickstarter User Very Happy

      I received my kickstarter about 6 months ago. Since then I have made a dozen ciders and have really enjoyed the experience. It is incredibly easy to easy but not limiting your creative abilities. The support from Alchema is unbeatable. The community is constantly providing fun new tricks for making the best home made ciders.
      Would buy again in a heartbeat.

      No extra pitcher received

      Did not receive extra pitcher.

      Hi David, We only provide extra pitcher for preorder customers.
      So far, so bad

      The app does not work. I have received some instructions on how to correct the problem, but I have a feeling that this device will be either returned for a refund, or junked.

      Hi Raymond, Sorry to hear that. Our App might not work well in some Android devices. But we will do our best to solve the issues you have.
      First Alchema

      I bought this as a birthday gift for my girlfriend and she loves it!!! I was hoping it performed as advertised and it did very well, easy to set up and the first batch of cider was a huge hit! A+ product and A+ company with EXCELLENT customer support.

      It's great!

      Very easy way to get started brewing!

      Brewing isn't a very complicated process - to get started, all you need is fruit, yeast, and water. This device turns brewing into a science by accurately measuring the ingredients and the alcohol abv (which prevents a too little alcohol or too much/little sugar)