Simple hard cider

Fermentation Time :  4 Days (82.4°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 57~75°F

Alcohol Content : 11.2%


This cider is crisp and pleasantly tart. Add only one ice cube to your glass since too much ice will dilute its flavor. When slight dilution begins, you will notice that the sweetness and floral aroma of the cider become present. This cider is great for any season or occasion.


Apple juice: 81.1oz ( 2300g )
White sugar: 9.9oz ( 280g )
Yeast: Premier Rouge
Drinking Water

Apple juice:
-Preservative free
-100% apple juice
-Use clear apple juice for this recipe in order to make clear cider. If you use a cloudy juice , the result of cider will be cloudy, too.


Step 1: Add apple juice into the pitcher.

Step 2: Add sugar into the pitcher.

Step 3: Add water up to the max line inside the pitcher.

Step 4: Add a packet of Premier Rouge yeast.