Celebrate International Friendship Week with ALCHEMA


Friendship Day was first originated by Hallmark back in 1919 to designate as the day for people to celebrate friendship by sending each other Hallmark cards. In 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30th to be the official International Friendship Day. Whenever you like to celebrate it, here at ALCHEMA, we too cherish friendship, and our mission has always been to build a community brought together by the drinks we make. We have made friends with our users, and we would like to make some more! So we would like to extend Friendship Day to “International Friendship Week”! Between now and August 7th, 2019, share the love, and get $40!

Give 10% OFF and Get $40 Dollar Cash Back!

Between now and August 7th, 2019, earn $40 for every referral when your friends make purchase with your personal referral code*. Not only that, your friend will get 10% off with your referral code. You can find your personal referral code in our App - in "more" (or “…”) section, under “Referral Program”. Tell your friends how much you love ALCHEMA and share your 10% OFF now!

* The current referral program gives out five (5) packets of yeast for every purchase made by your referral, and you get a free pitcher when three (3) referrals are made. This limited-time-only deal overrides the current program, and it is only good before August 7th, 2019 11:59PM, available ONLY to ALCHEMA machine users.

Lastly, how else to celebrate Friendship Day without a homebrew drink? There is no drink as international as the drink by Alchemanian, “SkinnerBox BrewHaus”.

Here is the description of the recipe: “Around the World in Eighty Ounces: In the spirit of mad science, steampunk adventure, and international detente, we created a GLUTEN-FREE hybrid of German Rauchsbier, Scottish Oatmeal Porter, and Russian Imperial Stout, using ingredients from around the world: Belgian Candi Sugar, British Hops, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Peruvian Cacao Nibs, Star Anise from China, Kenyan Coffee, and Rolled Oats smoked over good ol’ American Pecan Wood. This smooth dark flavor bomb doesn’t require a passport, but travelers should be mindful of the robust ABV - Think Globally, Sip Locally!”

Pretty cool, isn’t it? Be sure to check out the recipe in the App!