Self-Diagnosis | ALCHEMA System Examination

Last Edit: 8/22/2018

Since your time is valuable, we want to save your time. This self-diagnosis section aims to help you better understand the health of ALCHEMA. We will guide you through every necessary step.

1. Make sure your App and your ALCHEMA are both updated. You can know more about how to update from HERE

2. After the update finished, click 「 ...  」at the bottom-right in ALCHEMA App.

3.Find the 「 Guide 」 section and click 「 Device Guide」 in ALCHEMA App to run the routine self-test. 
4. Follow the instruction all the way until it finishes. Here we will check the following function. If you can run all the test smoothly, then you are all set. 
- Bluetooth connection (If you have a problem connecting ALCHEMA, visit HERE )
- Weight sensing (  If you have a problem sensing, check step 5 below)
- Temperature sensing ( If you have a problem  sensing, check step 5 below)
- Air pressure sensing ( If you have a problem  sensing, check step 5 below)
- Wi-Fi connection  (If you have a problem connecting ALCHEMA, visit HERE )
5.   If you have a problem to weigh, sense temperature, or air pressure, please email us ( ) with the following information.
- Screenshot/Video which best describes the issue
- Phone Brand
- Phone Version
- Your ALCHEMA User Name  in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section