Self-Diagnosis | Reset My ALCHEMA

 Last Edit: 8/27/2018

Since your time is valuable, we want to save your time. This self-diagnosis section aims to help you reset your ALCHEMA as quickly as possible. We will guide you through every necessary step. 

1. Plug in until the welcome animation light finishes. If there is no light, please visit HERE (My ALCHEMA seems dead section).

2. Find a paper clip or pin that can fit into the reset hole beside the microUSB slot. Then long press the reset button inside the reset hole firmly. (Make sure ALCHEMA is power on at this moment) 

Now do the following in sequence:

- Unplug it while holding in the reset button and wait for about 1 second. 

- Replug it while holding in the reset button about 1 second.

- Release the reset button.


3. If you successfully complete the process, you will see your ALCHEMA start resetting. You will see the welcome animation light after resetting.

4. After resetting, please update your ALCHEMA to make sure your ALCHEMA stays new.  Please visit HERE to know how to update.