Self-Diagnosis | Issues During Fermentation

 Last Edit: 8/27/2018

Since your time is valuable, we want to save your time. This self-diagnosis section aims to solve your issues during fermentation as quickly as possible. We will guide you through every necessary step to identify the issues and solve them. Find the best statement below that best describes your issue then follow the guidance. 


- My pitcher leaks during fermentation.

 By following the steps, it might help you save this batch. 

1. Unplug your ALCHEMA. (Don't worry, your batch will not be canceled.)

2. Take out your pitcher.

3. Rack your pitcher to another container. 

4. With a moist cloth, wipe the scale and any other place flowed with the leaked liquid if necessary. (DON'T wash ALCHEMA)

5. Follow the guidance HERE to prevent leaking again. 

6. If your pitcher stops leaking, pour back what you were fermenting. Put your pitcher back to ALCHEMA and replug. Then you are all set. 

7. If still leaking, please email us ( for a new gasket. And we are sorry to say you have to dump your batch to prevent getting sick since the bacteria might contaminate your batch from the gap causing leaking.

- My ALCHEMA didn't upload the data. (Wi-Fi issue)

The following steps will help you and us understand the issue. And solve it.  You DON'T need to reset your ALCHEMA for solving this problem, so don't do it during any following steps. 

1. Unplug and replug your ALCHEMA. (Don't worry, your batch will not be canceled.)
2. Make sure your ALCHMEA is on. And wait for the welcome animation light finishes. 


3. Make sure your App is updated.

4. Update your App. If you are an iPhone user, please visit App store and search ALCHEMA to update your App; if you are an Android user, please visit Google play and search ALCHEMA to update your App. After you updated your App, follow the next step.
5. After the update, restart your phone then open your App and turn on phone Bluetooth before the diagnosing process.
6. Open your App and go to the 「Fermenting」section, select the batch which your designated ALCHEMA is working on.
7. Find「Reset Wi-Fi」button on the bottom part in your App. Press the button and it will start connecting to your ALCHEMA and initiate the process. Please DON'T  rest your ALCHEMA, your fermentation data will lose if you doing so.
8. Touch the ALCHEMA logo light on the top of your device to allow the device to connect your App. You will see the ring light turn from dark to bright.
9. If your App and ALCHEMA are connected, the ring light will be blue. If you can't connect your ALCHEMA, please replug your ALCHEMA. After the welcome animation light finishes, retry again. If still can't, please email us with the following information ( )
- Screenshot/video which best describes the issue
- Phone Brand
- Phone Version
- Your ALCHEMA User Name in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section
10. This is where App asks you for the Wi-Fi. Choose one to connect. If you successfully connect to Wi-Fi, you will see a check sign, and the Wi-Fi indicator on the top of ALCHMEA turns on, then you are all set. 
Besides, ALCHEMA only connects to 2.4G Wi-Fi so we only list the 2.4G Wi-Fi on your App screen. If you can't find your Wi-Fi and you are sure your home Wi-Fi is 2.4G. Please move ALCHEMA to near your Wi-Fi router and reboot your router then restart the step 8.
11. If you fail to connect to Wi-Fi which worked before, please make sure that the firewall and security setting of the Wi-Fi router hasn't been changed. Any changes of firewall and security settings may cause your Wi-Fi router to block your ALCHEMA from connecting to the Wi-Fi.
For the data safety concern, your Wifi security type should be set to WPA2, ALCHEMA is unable to connect to Wifi with WPA (or WPA2/WPA mixed) security type.
If you change your Wi-Fi name(SSID) or password, it will also cause your ALCHEMA to lose connection. Please make sure you type in the new password if you have changed it. Also, please make sure the new password is no special characters (like *^%$#), the number of allowable devices to connect to the router doesn't reach its limit.
Also, ALCHEMA is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi if it needs to be login on Web, WPS permission.
If there's no change of Wi-Fi router setting, it may because of the unstable Wi-Fi signal. In that case, please check if your ALCHEMA is able to connect to Wifi occasionally and update data. If yes, please ignore the Wi-Fi reset notification. The ALCHEAM will be able to upload when it is connected.
12. Unplug and replug your ALCHEMA again and wait for the welcome animation light finishes.
13. The Wi-Fi indicator should light up in few seconds after previous step. That means your ALCHEMA connect to your Wi-Fi successfully.
14. The ring light will then close for a while. That means your ALCHEMA are trying to upload the data that record during it lose Wi-Fi connection. When finishing the upload, the ring light will start showing the breath animation light. Please wait until the breath animation light shows up.
15. Close the ALCHEMA App( please make sure you wipe it out and close it, not just leave or pop-out to the home screen) and reopen the ALCHEMA App.
16. If you still can't connect to your Wi-Fi, please try to connect another Wi-Fi or hotspot from your phone. Then restart step 8 again to help us identify where the issue is.
17. Go to the 「Fermenting」section, select the batch which your designated ALCHEMA is working on. If your data upload normally, the red exclamation mark on the 「Reset Wi-Fi」button should disappear.
18. If you still can't connect to your Wi-Fi, please email us with the following information. ( )
- Screenshot/video which best describes the issue
- Phone Brand
- Phone Version
- Your ALCHEMA User Name in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section

- My ALCHEMA seems dead .

1. Unplug the charger and take out your pitcher. (No worry your batch will not be canceled.)

2. Replug then check whether logo light and welcome animation light on the top of ALCHEMA works.  If yes, then your ALCHEMA is alive and your ALCHEMA will back on track later. If not, please follow step 3.

3. Open the sliding front door and check whether the light is on or not, if not, please reset your ALCHEMA. You can visit HERE to know how to reset. If yes, please follow step 4.

4. Unplug and use other microUSB cable and charger to power ALCHEMA.

Then repeat step 2. If your ALCHEMA works, it means your previous microUSB cable or charger doesn't work. If the lights still don't work, please email us with the following information (

- When did you buy an ALCHEMA?
- Did your pitcher leak before?
- Your ALCHEMA User Name in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section.