Self-Diagnosis | Connecting Issues

 Last Edit: 8/22/2018

Since your time is valuable, we want to save your time. This self-diagnosis section aims to solve your connecting issues as quickly as possible. We will guide you through every necessary step to identify the issues and solve them. Find the best statement below that best describes your issue then follow the guidance. 

- I can't connect my phone to my ALCHEMA.

1. Make sure your App is updated. 
- If you are an iPhone user, please make sure your system is iOS 8.0 or later
If you are an Android user, please make sure your system is Android 5.0 or later, also supports BLE 4.0 or later
2. Update your App. If you are an iPhone user, please visit App store and search ALCHEMA to update your App; if you are an Android user, please visit Google play and search ALCHEMA to update your App. After you updated your App, follow the next step.
3. After the update, restart your phone then open your App and turn on phone Bluetooth before the diagnosing process.

4. Click 「 ... 」at the bottom-right in ALCHEMA App.
    5. Find the 「 Guide 」 section and click 「 Device Guide」 in ALCHEMA App to run the  routine self-test.
    6. Follow the instruction from [ Device Guide ] :
    6-1. Plug in to turn on ALCHEMA.
    6-2. Make sure your ALCHMEA is on. And wait for the welcome animation light finishes. 
    6-3. Follow the instruction. Press 「Start pairing」to try to connect to your ALCHEMA. 
    6-4. Touch the ALCHEMA logo light on the top of your device to allow App to connect your App. You will see the ring light turn from dark to bright. 
    6-5. If your ALCHEMA is connected, the ring light will be blue then you are all set. It proves you can connect to your ALCHMEA. You can just press 「Done」to leave the 「 Device guide 」 section.
    Normally you will only have to connect to ALCHEMA while initiating your batch. And you are only allowed to connect ALCHEMA from ALCHEMA App, which means you can not connect ALCHEMA from「 Bluetooth 」 section on your phone 「 Setting 」section. 
    7. If your ALCHEMA can't connect to your App, unplug your ALCHEMA, restart your phone, turn on your phone Bluetooth, and repeat from step 5. If you still can't connect your phone with ALCHEMA, please email us with the following information. ( )
    - Screenshot/Video which best describes the issue
    - Phone Brand
    - Phone Version
    - Your ALCHEMA User Name  in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section

    - My ALCHEMA can't connect to Wi-Fi.

    1. Make sure your App and your ALCHEMA are both updated. You can know more about how to update from HERE

    2. After the update finished, click 「 ... 」at the bottom-right in ALCHEMA App.

    3. Find the 「 Guide 」 section and click 「 Device Guide」 in ALCHEMA App to run the routine self-test. 
    4. Follow the instruction all the way until App asks you to choose a Wi-Fi to connect. If you find out you can't connect your ALCHEMA, you can know more about how to connect from HERE
    5. This is where App asks you for the Wi-Fi. Choose one to connect. If you successfully connect to Wi-Fi, the Device guide will close automatically. ALCHEMA only connects to 2.4G Wi-Fi so we only list the 2.4G Wi-Fi on your App screen. If you can't find your Wi-Fi and you are sure your home Wi-Fi is 2.4G. Please move ALCHEMA to near your Wi-Fi router and reboot your router then restart the step 2. If you still can't find your Wi-FI, please try your hotspot from another phone then restart step 2 again to help us identify where the issue is. Thanks. 
    6. Enter your Wi-Fi passcode to allow ALCHEMA connect to your Wi-Fi. If you can't connect to Wi-Fi, please make sure the passcode is correct, no special characters (like *^%$#), the number of allowable devices to connect to the router doesn't reach its limit. Also, ALCHEMA is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi if it needs to be login on Web, WPS permission.  If you still can't connect to your Wi-Fi, please email us with the following information.( )
    - Screenshot which best describes the issue
    - Phone Brand
    - Phone Version
    - Your ALCHEMA User Name  in ALCHEMA App 「 more 」section
    7. If the Wi-Fi indicator on the top of ALCHMEA turns on, you are all set.  Normally ALCHEMA will only have to connect to Wi-Fi while fermenting. 
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