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Effortlessly transform your favorite fruits and ingredients into hard cider, mead, beer, saké (せいしゅ), and more to go with your food. Follow a recipe from our collection, or craft a unique blend that’s fine-tuned to your taste. 

Mead Series

Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverages to go with food. Make your delicious mead by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, or grains to pair various of types food.


Hard Cider Series

Why shouldn't we should try to spice up those board games that are collecting dust in our closets and under our coffee tables by infusing the game play with ALCHEMA hard cider series? With its low alcohol content and fresh taste, you could be sober enough to play the game and tipsy enough to spice up the vibe.


Featured Recipes

ALCHEMA features the most delicious or coolest recipes from our pool. Everyweek there will be new recipes published from users or released from ALCHEMA. You could always find something new here so you will never get bored. Do you want high alcoholic content? Extra fruity? full bodied? Beer? Sake? There’s a recipe for that in the app.


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