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Effortlessly transform your favorite fruits and ingredients into hard cider, mead, beer, saké (せいしゅ), and more to go with your food. Follow a recipe from our collection, or craft a unique blend that’s fine-tuned to your taste. 

Hard Cider Series | Your best aperitif choice 

Summer is the season for lighter beverages. It's time to make your own natural, gluten free hard cider from fresh fruits! Hot or cold, cider is a good partner for boiled or roast gammon. Also it is a good choice for your party. Can't find your dream cider from stores? Are they alwasys too sweet or too dry? No worries, make your own with ease.

Mead Series | Marrying well with dessert

Do you know Shakespeare's favorite drink is mead? Mead is thought to be the oldest alcoholic beverages to go with food. Make your delicious mead by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, or grains to pair various of types food. Have a dry mead? Its properties can be similar to that of wine, so break out the cheese board. Have a sweet mead? A great thing about sweet meads is that they go amazingly with equally sweet desserts. Pies, cheesecakes, and other baked goods are just another reason to pour yourself another glass. 

Beer Series | A must-have while having buffalo wings & BBQ

Beer tasting can be very subjective and personal experience. Now you can make your perfect beer without hassle. Dialing the type and amount of hops to fine tune the aroma and bitterness to build your own beer style. Have you tried our Earl Grey infused beer? It pairs so well with your buffalo wings.

Saké (せいしゅ) Series | Cutting the grease of fried chicken

Make your own Japanese drinks from raw ingredients to elevate the experience while having Sushi or Ramen. Not like the traditional Saké making process, we make it more easier by skipping the rice-steaming and saccharification. Also, it allows you to concoct Saké with home-used rice instead of brewing-used. You can be improvised by twisting the rice to experience different profile.

All Kinds of Imaginative Drinks | For your special occasions

Strawberry flavor, pineapple flavor, banana flavor, and more. Name what you want then you can have it. Make your special drinks to fit your special occasions.

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