Pomegranate Cider

Fermentation Time :  4 Days (73.4°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 59~81°F

Alcohol Content : 8.6%


This is a bodied, red-wine-like cider with lush, fruit-forward flavor. The lavish pomegranate allows for hints of berry to come through the honeyed mid-palate, along with a touch of citrus in its dry finish.The astringent adds a slightly dry, bitterness and body to the cider, perfectly balanced with a blend of sweet and tart. The tannins, acidity, and body of the pomegranate cider make this an excellent food-pairing beverage.


Pomegranate Juice: 84.7oz ( 2400g )
Sugar: 3.5oz ( 100g )
Yeast: Premier Cuvee
Drinking Water

Tips: Please use 100% pure or freshly pressed pomegranate juice since the presevative will prohibit yeast from growing.
Each commercial pomegranate juice has different acidity and tartness. Pick the one you like the most then the result of the pomegranate cider has better chance to meet your anticipation.


Step 1: Add pomegranate juice

Step 2: Add sugar

Step 3: Add water to the max line and give a good stir to blend water and sugar and pomegranate juice

Step 4: Add a packet of Premier Cuvee yeast

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