Pineapple cider

Fermentation Time :  2 Days (75.2°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 68~82°F

Alcohol Content : 5.4%


Take a sip of your finished cider and enjoy its tropical fruit notes and tart finish that will slowly fade away as you swallow. This cider is best for those that enjoy something acidic.

Since the body of this pineapple cider is very thin, it’s recommended that you don’t add ice so that it will keep its flavor.


Pineapple: 35.2oz ( 1000g )
White sugar: 14.1oz ( 400g )
Yeast: Premier Blanc
Drinking Water

-Cut them into 1 inch cubes
-Remove the skin
-Keep the core
-Freeze them overnight

Do not use rotten or moldy fruit.


Step 1: Add frozen pineapple cubes into the pitcher.

Step 2: Add sugar into the pitcher.

Step 3: Add water up to the max line inside the pitcher.

Step 4: Add a packet of Premier Blanc yeast.