Pear strawberry cider

Fermentation Time :  5 Days (69.8°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 57~77°F

Alcohol Content : 8.0%


This cider is very light and refreshing with exquisite flavor. Your palate will quickly awaken from the strawberries acidity, as it prepares for the sweet, milky flavor of pear.

It is best to savor the incredible fruit flavors of your cider chilled, but without any ice to prevent dilution. This strawberry pear cider is not only a perfect drink to sip on by itself, but it also pairs nicely with a light seafood dish such as broiled fish or blackened shrimp.


Pear: 12.2oz ( 345g )
strawberry: 17.6oz ( 500g )
White sugar: 17.6oz ( 500g )
Yeast: Premier Cuvee
Drinking Water

-Cut them into 1 inch cubes.
-Keep the skin.
-Freeze them overnight.

-We strongly recommend using fresh strawberries and freezing them overnight.
-Wash and remove the top stem portion of the strawberries before putting them into the freezer.

Do not use rotten or moldy fruit.


Step 1: Add pear cubes into the pitcher.

Step 2: Add strawberries into the pitcher.

Step 3: Add sugar into the pitcher.

Step 4: Add water up to the max line inside the pitcher.

Step 5: Add a packet of Premier Cuvee yeast.