Our Story

In 2014, after watching his mom get frustrated from numerous failures in homebrewing with traditional kits and seeing her trial-and-error runs end in total disaster, one of our founders Oscar Chang, was inspired to help homebrewers like his mom make customized drinks with ease and full of fun.

A team of engineers and micro-brewing experts was assembled in 2015 to found ALCHEMA. The founders envisioned ALCHEMA not as just a machine, but an enabling platform to build and empower a community of homebrew lovers, while connecting them to local and worldwide fresh ingredient suppliers. In 2016, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and joined the world's largest hardware accelerator, called HAX, to bring ALCHEMA to life. In 2017, ALCHEMA is hailed as 11 best booths in CES. After delivering all the orders from Kickstarter, in 2018, they partnered with bartenders from one of the top 50 bars, called Alchemy, to continuously produce high-quality recipes for homebrewers. And in 2019, they joined MoetHennessy's accelerator to bring ALCHEMA's service to the next level. 

ALCHEMA is a platform service company that transforms your homebrew experience, making it simple, flexible and joyful. Our vision is built upon our core beliefs that:

  • The homebrewing experience is about putting the control (and fun!) back to the people. Our choices should not be limited by the drink or pod selections provided by beverage/appliance companies. You should be free to hand-pick the ingredients, spices, or flavors personalized to your needs.

  • The fun of homebrewing is in the exploration of combinations of ingredients and spices. ALCHEMA is made just perfect for you to experiment and create that ‘aha’ moment when you discover that signature recipe and feel the joy of pride from sharing it with family, friends, and other Alchemanians.

  • Homebrewing tools and technology should be intuitive so you can focus on creating the drink you like. We believe a deep connection with our users is critical to providing solutions that address their needs, and frequently interact with them to identify and solve where the rough edges are. In the end, we not only make ALCHEMA better, but also develop strong relationships with our users.

  • Life is about human connection. We want to simplify homebrewing so that it’s not a sub-culture but a mainstream culture that transforms relationships and builds a community brought together by the drinks we make, sharing recipes and tips to create that perfect drink.

We were blessed to bring together the first group of Alchemanians who shared this same vision during 2016 and 2017 to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign which gained confidence and endorsement from our investors. We are committed to perfecting our products and services and building toward our vision to serve this community of Alchemanians.

The kitchen is where the magic happens. ALCHEMA aims to turn your kitchen into a meadery/cidery, enabling you to unleash your creativity so you can make that unique signature drink and share the magic with your friends, family, and other Alchamanians.

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Meet the Alchemanians: