Orange cider

Fermentation Time :  5 Days (71.6°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 63~81°F

Alcohol Content : 11.8%


This cider has a balance of sweetness and tartness that dances on your tongue from beginning to end. Serve your orange cider on ice. As the ice melts, the drink will pleasantly transit as it’s slowly diluted. A fun way to enjoy this cider is to sip on it while snacking on some Doritos! The tartness from the citrus flavor marries nicely with the heavy flavor of the chips.


Orange juice: 21.2oz ( 1900g )
White sugar: 21.2oz ( 665g )
Orange skin
Yeast: Premier Rouge
Drinking Water

Orange juice:
-100% pure juice
-Freshly pressed orange juice
-Be sure to remove all of the flesh in the juice before adding it into the pitcher in case the pulp overflows during the fermentation.


Step 1: Add orange juice into the pitcher

Step 2: Add sugar into the pitcher

Step 3: Add some shredded orange zest

Step 4:Add water to the max line and give a good stir to blend water and honey

Step 5: Add a packet of Premier Rouge yeast