Maple cinnamon cider

Fermentation Time :  5 Days (77.0°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 59~82°F

Alcohol Content : 9.0%


This cider will first introduce your palette to a sweet maple taste, followed by a full cinnamon aroma. The cinnamon adds a heaviness to the body of the cider and enriches its flavor. The acidity from the apple juice balances the woody taste as the tartness emerges and lingers. This deep, amber colored cider is perfect served over ice and is tolerant to many levels of dilution due to its heaviness and complex flavor.


Maple sugar: 7.9oz ( 225g )
Cinnamon: 0.2oz ( 7g )
Apple juice: 75.8oz ( 2150g )
Yeast: Premier Rouge
Drinking Water

Maple sugar:
-It’s best to use maple sugar since maple syrup is less fragrant.
Apple juice:
- Preservative free
- 100% apple juice
-Use clear apple juice for this recipe in order to make clear cider. If you use a cloudy juice , the result of cider will be cloudy, too.


Step 1: Add maple sugar into the pitcher

Step 2: Add cinnamon into the pitcher

Step 3: Add apple juice into the pitcher

Step 4: Add water to the max line inside the pitcher

Step 5: Add a packet of Premier Rouge yeast

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