The simplest way for anyone to become a homebrew master.

Hard cider making. Simplified.

What Makes Alchema Unique

Stop worrying about contamination

Precision made easy

Smart fermentation

Cider as unique as you are

How to Make Cider with Alchema


1. Choose a recipe

There are 100’s of expertly crafted recipes on the Alchema app, making it easy to make crowd-pleasing cider. Or if you are feeling creative, go ahead and create your own!


2. Get squeaky clean

Never worry about bacteria and microorganisms again. Alchema incorporates medical grade UV-C LED light to sanitize the pitcher before the fermentation.


3. Drop in your ingredients

It’s simple, just add in a few ingredients, typically fruit, sugar, water, and an Alchema yeast packet. That’s it!


4. Hands-off! It’s time for some fermentation magic!

Alchema monitors the fermentation and notifies you once your cider is ready. Have your next batch of cider ready in 1-2 weeks Why 1-2 weeks? It all depends on the sweetness and alcohol content of your the cider you want.

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