Prepare Your Mead as Easy as 1-2-3

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ALCHEMA Parses Data For You To Make Homebrewing Easy

ALCHEMA monitors the temperature, air pressure, and weight during fermentation, as yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Also, as temperature affects yeast activity, one of the key factors affecting the speed of fermentation is temperature. Analyzing those data gathered from the ALCHEMA machine, our sophisticated algorithm will determine the fermentation progress for you.

The other important pillar of ALCHEMA service is our mobile App. Instead of showing you all the raw data, the ALCHEMA App parses the data and displays a simple dashboard showing current alcohol content and sweetness, as well as an estimated number of days left before the fermentation completes. Also, it notifies you when your batch is ready, so you can just set it and forget it. Let the ALCHEMA do the rest. 

Make Cider/Wine/Beer with ALCHEMA


1. Choose a recipe

The ALCHEMA App already has hundreds of user-uploaded recipes with more recipes added every day, making it easy to make crowd-pleasing drinks. Or if you are feeling creative, go ahead and create your own! 


2. Get squeaky clean

Never worry about bacteria and microorganisms again. Before the fermentation, a built-in UV-C light keeps your pitcher sterilized without any mess or hassle.


3. Drop in your ingredients

Once you do decide on which recipe you want to try, the App shows you step by step how much of each ingredient to add. The ALCHEMA's built-in in weight scale tells you once you’ve added enough fruit, yeast, and honey. 


4. Sit back and relax!

The ALCHEMA machine monitors the fermentation and notifies you once your drink is ready. Have your next batch of drinks ready in 3 - 5 days. Why 3 - 5 days? It all depends on the sweetness and alcohol content of the drinks you want. It usually takes longer on the colder days or if with higher alcohol content.


The ALCHEMA machine comes with an App to help you create tasty drinks at home. The App not only controls the machine, displays fermentation progress, but also contains lots of recipes with clear instructions, and empowers you to create your own flavor.

Ready-to-Use Recipes on the App

Easy-to-Follow Instructions on the App

Twist Existing Recipes

Protecting our earth with less carbon footprint and less waste

It is well known that the food we consume can have a large environmental impact and that there are various measures that can be taken to reduce that impact, from choosing to eat less meat to shopping for more locally produced food. ALCHEMA empowers you to turn local ingredients into delicious drinks and reduce the waste of disposable cans or containers.

Fruits can be used without any waste

No more food wasting, ALCHEMA machine is a great alternative to throwing away unused fruit. You can also take fruits from your backyard that you planted, or buy overripe fruits for less from the local market.


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