Ginger apple cider

Fermentation Time :  5 Days (78.8°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 57~78°F

Alcohol Content : 13.0%


This cider has a relatively high alcohol content with a sweet, candied ginger fragrance. The sweet and tart tastes of apple are complemented by a zesty spice of fresh ginger. The combination of sweet apple and slightly spicy ginger along with the warmth of alcohol will be sure to keep you feeling nice and toasty. Apple ginger cider is such a simple but delicious alternative to the typical apple cider.


Apple juice: 70.5oz ( 2000g )
Ginger: 10.6oz ( 300g )
White sugar: 10.9oz ( 310g )
Yeast: Premier Rouge
Drinking Water

Apple juice:
-Preservative free.
-A higher juice content is best.
-Use clear apple juice for this recipe in order to make clear cider. If you use a cloudy juice , the result of cider will be cloudy, too.

-Wash and slice it.
-Do not peel it.
-Stir fry the ginger slices if you prefer a stronger flavor.


Step 1: Add apple juice into the pitcher.

Step 2: Add sugar into the pitcher.

Step 3: Add ginger slices into the pitcher.

Step 4: Add water up to the max line inside the pitcher.

Step 5: Add a packet of Premier Rouge yeast.

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