Feeling Adventurous? Try This Oriental Peach Infused Wine from Historical Town of Taiwan

Venturing around the historical streets and alleys in the Dadoucheng district of Taipei is one of favorite pastimes for any food and drink enthusiast. This old neighborhood witnessed the booming economic development of north Taiwan and was once the most prosperous town during that time. Today it has nicely transformed into a charming and quaint town known for its  dazzling collections of traditional Chinese herbal and dried fruits. 

We discovered this Oriental Ingredient Pack on the streets of this town. With ingredients made originally from all natural fruits and flowers, this oriental peach infused wine’s balanced tart and sweetness flavor and flowery aroma drive away the heat and bring refreshing taste, making it perfect for summer! 

Oriental Peach Infused Wine

Alcohol Level : 7%

Brix (Sweetness) : 7

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This peach-flavored drink has a gorgeous red appearance like rose blossom, and with just right alcohol content making it smoother than red wine. Surrounded by its flower fragrance, close your eyes and take a sip: hints of delicate rosemary in front, with slightly tart roselle flavor popping up in the middle, and on the finish the mild sweetness of peach gently fills your soul. 

How to Make It ?

Get the oriental ingredient pack from the ALCHEMA website! We discovered this treasure on the streets of Dadoucheng, a quaint and charming historical neighborhood in Taiwan’s capital, known for its dazzling collections of traditional Chinese herbal and dried fruits. The Oriental Ingredient Pack contains dried peach, dried cranberry, dried rosemary, and dried roselle, all made originally from natural fruits and flowers.

Roselle (or Hibiscus sabdariffa) flowers provides the tart flavor with a hint of sweetness. It tastes sort of like a combination of rose, lemon and plum. Besides its many health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure and boosting immune system, Roselle is known to be the key ingredient in drinks for body cooling and thirst quenching during the torrid summer of Taiwan. Its elegant aroma and cooling effect make it very popular in Southeast Asia.  

Making oriental peach infused wine is easy with ALCHEMA. All you need to do is to pour the whole ingredient pack (or pour the ingredient pack into tea mesh bags before tossing into the pitcher) and white sugar together into the pitcher, follow the steps on the App, and wait for fermentation. Premier Cuvee yeast is selected to enhance its fruity aroma. The recipe provided on the ALCHEMA App will give you a milder, sweeter flavor. If you prefer higher alcohol level, you can always customize the recipe to your liking. Higher alcohol level will lend to a more sparking and dry taste.

For variation of the drink, try adding tea into the drink. Fruits and flowers always match well with high-quality tea. Since the ingredients are all sour-based, using black tea can be a good choice and you can also add some sugar to adjust the flavor. Most importantly, you should stir your drink very well to achieve a good balance. The pleasant tea aroma enhances the overall complexity and brings more possibility to your drink. 

Feeling inspired by this drink? Preparing your own dried fruits and dried flowers pack would be a great fun too! Don't hesitate to try numerous combination of ingredients and share the recipe with Alchemanians.

What’s your favorite kind of fruity and herbal beverage? Let us know by leaving your comments below (email address will not be displayed)!

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