How much time will it take for making a batch of cider?

Cider making typically takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on fruit and recipes. You can get mead faster, which takes less than a week.

How much will I get from one batch?

The volume is 0.6 gallons (2.4 L), which is equivalent to about 3 bottles of wine. And it is the volume of the container you put ingredients in. If you use the fresh juice to make hard cider, you can get fully 0.6 gallons (2.4 L) result. If you use the fresh fruit, you can get about 0.52 gallons (2 L) result.

Can I use Alchema to make beer?

You can use Alchema to ferment the wort you have. Our App does not provide beer recipes when the app is released.

Where do I buy the yeast?

You will be able to purchase the yeast capsule from Alchema’s App or website.

How to clean the device?

You can wash the pitcher with water. As for the device, just wipe it with drenched cloth.

Can the cider be stored once it's finished fermenting? Do I need to bottle it?

You can just keep the cider in the refrigerator like the normal cider you can buy from stores. And you can always use the pitcher as the container for your cider.

When will my credit card be charged?

What does your warranty cover?

What’s your return policy?

APP & Device

Does the App support both iOS and Android?

Yes! We support both iOS (8.0 or later) and Android (5.0 or later).

What App notification will push to my phone during the fermentation?

When the fermentation is finished, Wi-Fi disconnected, or temperature/pressure is abnormal, there will be notifications pushed to your phone with the suggestion of what you should do.

Does Alchema control the temperature?

Your cider will ferment normally under Alchema’s functional temperature + 50 ~ + 113 °F (+ 10 ~ + 45 °C).

How does the UV-C LED light work?

The UV-C LED light will generate the ultraviolet light at specific wavelength, which is between 200 nm ~ 280 nm. The light at this wavelength range kills microorganism.


What is the yeast packet for?

What kinds of yeast do you provide?

We provide three types of yeast in our standard 3-pack. One packet for sparkling cider, one for fruitier concoctions, and one for recipes with a stronger alcohol content.

Is the cider still or carbonated?

You can make it either still or carbonated, depending on which yeast packet you use.

Does it work if you add the dry yeast directly?

Yes! We want to simplify the cider making process. Using the dry yeast directly will get you a successful batch. We’ve tested it over 100 times.


Can I buy Alchema from countries other than USA, Canada, and Taiwan?

We chose these three countries currently because of the the resources we have and the manufacturing location. Please understand that we are trying our best to bring Alchema to other countries as soon as we can.