Black tea cherry cider

Fermentation Time :  2 Days (78.8°F)

Refrigeration Time : 5 Days

Fermentation Temperature : 62~80°F

Alcohol Content : 4.0%


This cider has an intense, beautiful color and delicate fruity aroma. It’s packed with sweet cherry flavors and enough tartness to create a perfect balance. This cider is a great choice if you’re looking for something lush and sweet to sip on that won’t knock you off your feet. Cherry tea cider will taste best when served chilled with no ice.


Cool black tea: 60.0oz ( 1700g )
Cherry juice: 17.6oz ( 500g )
White sugar: 14.1oz ( 400g )
Yeast: Premier Rouge
Drinking Water

Black tea:
-Use 11-17 tea bags (about 34g/1.2 oz) to make tea with hot water.
-Let it cool down to room temperature. Yeast cannot survive in a high temperature environment.

Cherry juice:
-Preservative free
-A higher juice content is best


Step 1: Add black tea into the pitcher.

Step 2: Add cherry juice into the pitcher.

Step 3: Add sugar into the pitcher.

Step 4: Add water up to the max line inside the pitcher.

Step 5: Add a packet of Premier Rouge yeast.

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