App Function | Publish your recipe


This article is to help you get to know our upcoming new feature "publish your recipe"!  Let's take a tour to get familiar with it. If you have not created your recipe, you can know more from HERE

For iOS users, you can update your App on the Apple store now and start sharing. While for Android users you can update your App on google play soon. We want to do more testing on different Android devices before releasing to make sure you will have a better experience. Appreciate Android users’ patience and supports.

For iOS users, you can update your App from HERE; For Android users, you can update your App from HERE.  

This is where you can create and share your recipes. 

On the right-hand side, you can see a broadcaster button indicating the current status of the recipe and allowing you to publish your recipe.

After pressing the button, your recipe will be made public to the community and every user can find and follow your recipes on the "explore" page. Also, you can see the broadcaster button status changes as published.

But to maintain the quality of the recipes listed on App, there are some criteria you need to meet before publishing. Your recipe must have a recipe cover photo, a description, and a rating by yourself. Also, of course, you can't publish a recipe if you haven't made a batch with it before.

After you publish your recipe, you can still make edits. Any such edits you make will be saved as drafts. The draft version of the recipe would only be seen by you and followed by you as you make experimental batches with it. The draft will not be made public until you press the “update” button to replace the previously published version.


But remember to rate your recipe and setup flavor profile as well as flavor tags before publishing. This will provide followers of your recipe a general sense of how the drink might taste. It also serves as a great way to make notes and track recipes you have made. Of course, you can always adjust the rating and flavor traits anytime to make it more accurate.


Do you have recipes waiting to be shared? If you have any questions, please email us