What to Drink After a Long Day at Work

13th Nov, 2019

Work is tough. Mentally and some might even say physically, and it is an amazing achievement just to get through the week. While there may be intense effort needed, there are coping methods that some people might not know about. Our go-to recommendation is homebrew, and it is not because we are a homebrewing company. Homebrew offers many remedies that other things might not have. Sipping your homebrew after a long day at work reminds you of the delicate effort you put into your beverage while relaxing you at the same time. But different homebrews have different effects, which begs the question 'what type of homebrews are best for what day?' Here we give some examples:


Most will say that the first day of the week is the worst one and a strong drink is definitely needed once the day is done. I would like to disagree. You are still in weekend mode, so you are riding that relaxation wave that takes you into the new week.

Today’s recommendation: Maple Cinnamon Apple Cider

You need something sweet to get you through the week, but still a little acidic so that you can relax after shocking your brain back into work mode. This drink is so good it makes you realize something. Since the weekend passed quickly maybe this week will too. Seriously though, how bad can four more days be?


Everything is on fire. Time has halted to where you wonder if time ever even existed. You are in desperate need of a break and all you can think about is your homebrew. You feel as if you are gonna pass out at your desk, but you don’t want your boss to see. When you get home, you head straight to the fridge to grab that homebrew that will help you relax after the day you just had.

Today’s recommendation: Pineapple Orange Cider

This fabulous combination of fruit offers a refreshing change that instantly soothes you into relaxation. The fragrance alone guides your imagination on a trip towards the tropics. After the Tuesday you have just had, this drink is definitely needed. Now on to Wednesday!


By this time, you have strongly considered moving to the Alps to become a monk and that earning money is not worth the struggle. All you have done today is Buzzfeed quizzes just so you can distract yourself from those excel sheets stacked on the side of your desk. Don’t worry about it though. At least you know that your spirit animal is an Orangutan.

Today’s recommendation: Simple Hard Cider

Having a simple hard cider at the end of the day is like tricking you into thinking it is the weekend. The sweet taste with the lack of alcohol taste enables your imagination to take over. Making this homebrew is the best decision you have ever made. You have never loved past you more than today. But right now, all you care about is trying to get that motivation to get you past the last two days of the week. Don’t worry, after two drinks you will. But best not go beyond that ;)


Almost there. Thursday is like that last obstacle you just found to get past in order to get to paradise. You don’t know whether you love the fact that it’s the last obstacle, or that you hate the fact that it’s the last obstacle. If Thursday was a character in Harry Potter, he would probably be Severus Snape. It is a love-hate relationship.

Today’s recommendation: Orange Cider

This cider has the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. One might even say it resembles the love-hate relationship. This cider will make you jump for glee once you realize that you only have a day left to work for the week. The instant energy burst makes you determined to finish the week off on a high note.


Question: Is it possible to hate Fridays? Don’t worry we’ll answer it for you. No, it is not possible. Friday is like Keanu Reeves with arms open offering you a hug. Just embrace it. This is the day that everyone has been waiting for. While it may have been a week to get here, after the week you have been having, it has felt like years. A day like this is the best reason to celebrate.

Today’s recommendation: Mango Cider

Combining Friday and Mango together truly is a treat that cannot be beaten, so that is why we decided to combine the two. Mango cider offers a unique taste that oozes relaxation and takes your imagination on a tropical trip. So don’t worry about being able to relax, you still have another 2 days to enjoy yourself until you have to do the whole routine again.

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