What’s the Soul of a Company?

By Oscar Chang (CEO)

Previously in my column, I wrote about the reason why I started a company. This time, I’d like talk about the "soul" of ALCHEMA. I believe that running a startup is like nurturing a child, while co-founders are like her parents. The way we choose to raise her would strongly affect her personality and the people she attracts. Therefore, co-founders should set up a clear company philosophy. In the future, the philosophy will become the company’s soul. With the soul, not only customers can understand the goal of the company but it can also attract employees and investors who appreciate that. Therefore, I highly value a company’s philosophy.


Since the first day we started ALCHEMA, we have been following four pillars of philosophy:

1.Enjoy your life
We believe tech product should not only solve problems but also be “fashionable.” That’s why we do our best to make sure everything is elegantly designed and our users can have wonderful user experience. Though it will face lots of difficulty in manufacture, we still think it’s worthwhile.

ALCHEMA is a tasteful, smart, charming and optimistic woman. She knows how to enjoy her life. She likes to share what she cooks and the cider she makes with her friends. She believes people can cook gracefully.


2.Share your happiness
We think tech product should bring convenience to our life and connect people, not distant them. Therefore, ALCHEMA values “sharing.” She likes to hang out with her family and friends, talk about each other’s life and give her hands when someone needs it. Wherever ALCHEMA is, there is laughter.


3.Accept advice from others
When ALCHEMA faces any difficulty, she always makes a self-examination at first rather than blaming it on someone else. She appreciates any advice or comments from others. By figuring out the core problems and fixing mistakes, ALCHEMA will find a way to keep going and become a better person.


4.Forgiveness and gratitude
ALCHEMA is so lucky to have many supports from different people. Therefore, ALCHEMA will be humble and work harder. Most importantly, she is willing to share what she knows and what she has with people who need it and make the world a better place.


Did you wonder why ALCHEMA is female, while most of our team members are boys? It’s because I wish to have a daughter in the future, who I hope to be healthy, optimistic and humorous. Thus, I raise this company like my own lovely daughter.


In my next column, I’ll share with you my ideas about “ partners”. As you know, it is impossible to run a startup without partners. What do “partners” mean to me? You will know if you read my next column! If you want to ask me any question or tell me what topic you want me to write. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail. (oscar@alchema.com) Stay tuned!


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