Up your Easter feast with this ruby-like cranberry cider

Easter is just around the corner! Whether your family prefers a brunch or a supper, you need some yummy hard cider to go with it. This month, Alchema has made a special pinkish hard cider for Easter—cranberry cider. The recipe is completely designed for pairing those Easter food, such as lamb, Cadbury egg or your chocolate bunnies. The ruby-like pink dry cider will be a great conversation starter at your Easter table.

So here’s the go-to recipe for your Easter:

  1. Cranberry juice ¼ gallon
  2. Apple juice ¼ gallon
  3. White sugar 12.35 oz.
  4. 3~4 Bay leaves
  5. A little Cinnamon pieces
  6. Raisin 0.35 oz.

The full recipe will be included in the recipe collection on the Alchema app, with detailed instruction and the Alchema device will monitor the fermentation process for you. So you can just set it and forget it.

The reason why we choose cranberry juice is all about the color and the flavour. We want to make a very dry cider since it's easier to pair with food. Sweet cider, on the other hand, can make a great dessert but it’s not suitable for food pairing since the sweetness tends to surpass other flavours and makes other food taste less savoury. 

It is not easy to buy a 100% cranberry juice in the market due to its sourness and astringency, thankfully 25% cranberry juice from any supermarket can do the job. The sourness and mild bitterness of cranberry gives the cider rich fragrances and harmonious aroma. Sour, dry and a little bitter are the signature of this cider, and we also apply bay leaves and cinnamon to make it taste more classic and sophisticated.

So how does it taste? It has a light and refreshing body, though the alcohol level is over 10%. And here is a warning: the delightful sourness will make you want to drink more or even eat more. Bay leaves, cinnamon and raisin composed a fantastic floral fragrance, telling you that spring is coming. Also, the bay leaves give the cider a mild mint finishing that makes it become the best cider for Easter lamb and chocolate eggs. From our family to yours, we wish you a great holiday with fun and laughter. Cheers!

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