Understanding Coffee Cider Like A Mountain Climbing Expert

You will know how small the world is only if you reach the summit of a mountain. 

This sentence best describes the word “taste.” When we were all young and frivolous, we all craved for all types of fashion goods, trying to earn people’s concentration. There was no way I didn’t have things that others had. However, after being ravaged by the society for a while with wrinkles on face becoming obvious(Cough!), we gradually find that those values don’t fit everyone. What fits you the most is the best. Taste is not about good or bad. Taste is about how you build your point of view and preferences. It is like amateurs of mountain climbing only tend to crave for conquering a famous mountain or taking fabulous pictures, not knowing the difficult and wonderful side of mountain climbing and what’s suitable for yourselves.   

When you’ve achieved some goals in your life, you will start to crave for taste. Because taste is a way to showcase yourself.

Mountain climbing is not only about being healthy but also about resetting yourself and starting a new journey. Wandering in the woods, feel the happiness that fendofine brings to you via your body and watch the breathtaking views of mountains are the moving points that photos can’t compare with. Besides, cooperating and encouraging with companions is a way of mental growing that no words can give. Carrying a heavy backpack and feeling the pain from legs, these burdens fade away when you cross every turns and hill and turn into a whole new surprise. Every plan and loss you encounter is a challenge to yourself. These experiences and choices make you grow and feel true happiness. Mountain climbing is an adventure to your taste.

Mountain climbing and taste are alike. Both need to grow through experiences. Today we introduce you the woody coffee cider from ALCHEMA. This wine is an advanced wine which requires experiences. This wine’s main body is coffee, using dark roast coffee as background. Dark roast coffee provides strong and plump coffee scent and bitterness. Then add ALCHEMA spices pack, giving coffee cider a layered woody scent. Lastly, add some orange zest and juice to elevate the coffee flavor, showing a sourness of light roast coffee to balance the bitterness of coffee.  

This woody coffee cider’s alcohol volume is around 7% and sweetness around 17.9 Brix. Its’ preparation and brewing procedures are no easy, which also reveal this wine’s complexity. If you use ALCHEMA to brew this wine, you need to prepare black coffee, dark malt beverage, ALCHEMA spices pack, orange zest, orange juice, and Premier Rouge yeast, which can bring up bubble flavor! And then wash the bottles, connect ALCHEMA with the app and kill bacteria via ultraviolet light. Then put all the ingredients in your bottle. Let ALCHEMA stay in a 17~27C environment with around 8 days waiting. After fermentation, you only need to put it into a fridge to sediment yeast in a low-temperature environment for around 2~5 days. And you can then put this cider to share with your bosom friends and show your good taste. 

When you drink, except for plump and strong scent of this coffee cider, the mild sweetness will tickle your taste buds at the first time. Then comes the mellow and rich of woody coffee scent and wine body with a bitterness which is brought by dark roast coffee. And you can feel light fresh and sour aftertaste from orange zest and juice which keep stimulating salivation, making this perfect balance last long. This layered crush of sensations will take you to a wonderful palate journey. This cider is very suitable for mountain climbing experts to challenge. The whole preparation is like climbing precipitous trails that are full of challenges. And you will see these challenges turning into breathtaking view. Let you experience coffee cider from visual, smell and taste. As you sow, so shall you reap. Success without facing any challenges can't be called a success. Want to have a taste like a mountain climbing expert’s taste? Come experience woody coffee cider with ALCHEMA.

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