Top 5 Homebrew Drinks to Try in 2020

19th February 2020

Written by: Heidi Jones


With the dawn of a new decade at hand, 2020 signifies the potential to try out new experiences, and that includes the kind of beer you drink. In case you had no idea, there are many delicious homebrew beers that you can enjoy throughout the year. Yes, you don’t have to get beer from the supermarket every time you want to enjoy something alcoholic. Besides, crafting your blend of a delicious crispy brew is a great way to pass the time. All you need is the process and the types of beers you can brew in the comfort of your home. Thankfully, this piece has all the information that you need.

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Brewing Equipment you need

Alchema’s first-generation model has revolutionized the way homebrewing is done. Gone are the times where you need to have years of experiences to make the type of brew you would get from the local bar. Alchema has enabled anyone to create their own delicious glass of homebrew. The second-generation model is expected to change the industry once again where it will unlock the ability to make beer. So, here is a small peek into what Alchema’s second-generation machine can make:

American IPA

One of the most popular beers that you can easily make on your own is the American IPA. Its remarkable citrus flavor and piney hop taste make it a great choice of beer. You make the beer by using various ingredients, including hops like Columbus, centennial, citrus, cascade, and chinook. Each of the above ingredients is going to give the beer a distinct flavor.  Citrus is the reason why the beer ends up with a citrusy palate.

At the end of the boil, use significant charges. Doing so at that point and when dry hopping is going to ensure the maximization of the flavor. It will also build an incredible aroma. You also need to add corn sugar in the boil to maintain the sweetness of the malt. The sugar is going to boil out and leave the brew with the right strength. In terms of yeast, you should consider using Wyeast American Ale 1056. You can also go ahead and use White labs WLP 001 California yeast.

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SMASH pale ale

One of the main reasons why SMASH pale ale is one of the most popular homemade brews is that it uses the SMASH formula. That is one of the most uncomplicated beer preparation formulas that mean Single Malt And Single Hop, thus the connotation SMASH. The result you get is golden and crispy beer, just like the famous dos Equis beer. You also get to enjoy brilliant flavors that result from the ingredients used.

Some of the ingredients you use to create SMASH pale ale brew include cascade pellets for the hop and Munich malt. You are also going to need White Labs WLP 001 California Ale or the usual Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast. The flavors you are going to get are pine and grapefruit. Both are aggressive, and that is due to the cascade hop. It is a great drink to enjoy throughout 2020. That is if you are looking for something smooth with great taste.

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German Hefeweizen

Another enthralling beer that you can easily make at home is the German hefeweizen.  The beer comes with a distinct flavor, scent, and a brilliant gold-like look. What is intriguing about this beer is that it uses few ingredients, making it one of the easy to make beers.  That means it doesn't involve a ton of ingredients and lengthy processes for you to come up with the brew. It is, however, a bit sweet and delicious.

To brew the beer, you only need German hefeweizen wheat, malt extract, and Hallertau hops. The Hallertau hops give it the fantastic banana flavor. You are also going to taste bubblegum and clove. It is the type of homemade beer that has a unique taste. You will be grateful you did not waste plenty of cash getting crates of beer.

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Dry Irish Stout

Dry Irish stout is quite a common homemade beer that can easily make your 2020 memorable. Just like its names suggests, dry Irish stout exhibits some dryness, and that makes it even better. It is also smooth and a bit sharp in flavor. It is the kind of beer that is going to leave you gasping for more, especially if you are a fan of smooth beer.

Funny enough, of all the homemade beer recipes, that of dry Irish stout is among the simplest. That is because it contains fewer ingredients. To come up with the beer, all you need is yeast, malt extract, and sugar. You also need Kent Goldings hops, which is like the main recipe. You should also use both flaked and roasted barley. The smoothness of the beer comes from flaked barley.

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Belgian Saison

One of the best home-brewed drinks is the Belgian Saison. For any party you decide to throw this year, you will find the beer to be very refreshing. Unlike other beers where the hop creates most of the flavors, in Belgian Saison, the yeast brings out the flavors. That means you need to ferment it to get a distinct taste. To come up with a great brew, you need to use Belgian Saison yeast.

You are also going to need Sorachi hops, which are great at bringing out the lemon flavor. The malt you use is also essential. Make sure you use acidulated malt for consistency and corn sugar for taste. The beauty of this homemade brew is that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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The homebrew beers mentioned above are truly a delight to drink. One of the best things about Alchema is that it simplifies the homebrewing method allowing anyone to brew whatever they want from home. You no longer have to worry about the cost and the amount of time spent at a bar. With 2020 having just started, now is a good time to try something brand new.



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