The ruby on your dining table ─ pomegranate cider

This time of year not only creates a lot of excitement around the holidays, but it surrounds us with a whole lot of sparkle. For a short period of time, we seem to be living in a world full of twinkling lights, glistening white snow, and sequined party dresses.

Everyone bustles about preparing for office parties and family get-togethers. Whether you’re the host of an upcoming event, or a guest invited to join in on the fun, you’re more than likely not arriving empty-handed. While people like to indulge in holiday cookies sprinkled with sugar, they also love sipping on festive drinks. Why not bring something that’s sure to shine? Pomegranate cider will bring all the sparkle, sweetness, and cheer that any gathering needs.

From the outside, pomegranates look like red, dangling ornaments. Once cut open, the inside of the fruit shines like a handful of glistening rubies. Not only do pomegranates look magical, but they taste amazing, too. The tartness of pomegranate makes it an excellent ingredient to balance out the sweetness in your cider while adding a bold burst of flavor. Pomegranate is a unique fruit that's also quite refreshing with its complementary taste.

For this cider recipe, you will need pomegranate juice, sugar, and yeast. Since peeling a pomegranate can be rather tedious, save time by using 100% pomegranate juice. We recommend "POM" which you can easily purchase from most grocery stores - it's delicious and convenient. You will have amazing results just as if you had seeded a fresh pomegranate yourself, but without all the work. This recipe is best when made with plain white sugar since the fresh juice is already full of savory flavors.

Use the Alchema app to follow along with quick and effortless step-by-step instructions for making your cider. The app will do all of the measurings for you and tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you've added as you go. Once finished, this thin-bodied, red-wine-like cider is sure to impress with its lush, fruit-forward flavor. The lavish pomegranate allows for hints of berry to come through the honeyed mid-palate, along with a touch of citrus in its dry finish.

The astringent adds a slightly dry, bitterness and body to the cider, perfectly balanced with a blend of sweet and tart. The tannins, acidity, and body of the pomegranate cider make this an excellent food-pairing beverage. Try your homemade cider served on the rocks alongside a tasty, sauce-slathered BBQ dish or a juicy steak. The acidity of your drink will balance out any greasiness in a dish and add a range of flavors, acting as a palate cleanser with every sip.

You don’t need a gathering to attend to enjoy this tasty cider. But, this time of year is all about spreading holiday cheer, so why not share this festive drink with your closest companions? You might find yourself sipping this pomegranate cider all season long and well into the New Year!

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