The New Luxury of Wine - Home Brewed Flavor

Editor: Michael Yu

As an oenophile, are you still considering whether to buy 1959 first wine from Chateau  Lafite-Rothschild or 1945 first wine from Chateau Margaux? Stop considering cause you’ve got a new choice!

With the transition of fashion trends and the rise of Millennials, the definition of luxury has evolved from expensive rarity goods to the pronoun of uniqueness. The price its self has been replaced by the uniqueness gradually and lost its’ connection with the luxury. And now oenophiles can follow the trend and make their own luxury: exclusive home-brewed wines!

Honestly, the red wines on the shelves are still a good choice for its convenience, quality, and condition. Consumers can buy their own choice depending on their prices, usage, and compatibility with foods. For those who need wines for social use or just to show off their good taste and deep pockets or even for investment, commercial red wines are your brightest choice! But unfortunately, the cons of commercial red wines come along with its’ pros. Commercial red wines can’t be customized. We can only choose depending on the winery, places, and vintages. And some advanced red wines do need deep pockets to experience. So for experts with limited budgets and pursuit for unique tastes, commercial red wines are definitely not the best choice.

If you are the person who seeks for unique tastes, personal preferences or something that commercial red wines cannot offer, home-brewed wines are your brightest choice for sure. Red wines always emphasize on the word Terrior. But for the people who don’t live in Europe or red wine production zone, it’s very hard for them to savor on their homeland Terrior. With Alchema, the way to savor their homeland Terrior is no longer a dream! Moreover, Alchema can customize sweetness and alcohol volume of wine. If you like the taste of bubbles, you can even try to home-brew your wine filled with bubbles via Alchema! Or even create your own recipe! Alchema is highly suitable for experts who seek uniqueness and Terrior. For people with the need for social use, home-brewed wines are even more suitable for social use cause wines can be customized to fit foods and thus show respect to the guests. It’s a choice that cannot be purchased in any stores!

Take the well-commented red wine recipe from Alchema for example, this exclusive creative red wine recipe is designed for people who like rich and plentiful flavor. This red wine can bring on the fruit flavor of grapes and emphasize on it's sour and acerbity. Its’ alcohol volume is only about 8% proof and has lower the bitterness and sweetness to 6.6 Brix. This red wine contains strong personality and shows a strong fresh fruit flavor that no commercial wines can compare. It’s very suitable for red meat and steak. This red wine can elevate the flavor and richness of red meat to a brand new level! If you are a carnivorist, this red wine is definitely your dream wine! If you would like to taste the Terrior of Taiwan, Taiwan Kyoho grape is a good choice for you. Kyoho grape is a derivative wine grape species. its’ fruit is big while the peel is thin, which can lower bitterness effectivily. You only need to press the grapes before putting into Alchema. Then put a proper amount of sugar and yeast and just wait. If you proceed to secondary fermentation, this red wine will show you its’ perfectly balanced sour and acerbity flavor with abundant dense bubbles, which can bring you a wonderful merry experience. Holding a fine wine which you brewed, You will feel yourself in a grape yard with splendid insect songs. This sensation of happiness is a feeling that no commercial wine can compare to. It’s definitely worth sharing your fine taste and handcrafts with your best friends and family members. This wine is definitely the new luxury!


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