The Hottest Five Brewing Flavors on Alchema

Friendship Day is coming up soon! Whether you celebrate International Day of Friendship on July 31st, as declared by the United Nation, or Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August  (August 4th this year), following Hallmark tradition, it’s time to call up your friends and make a special date with them! Planning a home party with all your best friends? Here are the top five flavors most brewed by Alchemanians last month that you can try:


#5 Ginger Apple Cider

The combination of sweet apple and slightly spicy ginger along with the warmth of alcohol will definitely keep you feel nice and cozy! Ginger apple cider is such a simple but fresh alternative to the typical apple cider. This perfect combination is particularly suitable for those who craze a spicier twist to an ordinary apple cider!


#4 Simple Red Wine

One of the most classic flavors of all times!! The only ingredients you need are red grapes, white sugar, water and yeast. Just look for this recipe on the ALCHEMA app, follow the instructions, and you can easily complete your own red wine!  Throwing a movie night with lots of French fries and potato chips? Then you may want to give this recipe a try! Oddly it may seem, the bubbles from the sparkling wine cut through the salt on the fries and the chips, allowing us to appreciate the original taste of both the wine and the fries!

#3 Honey Wine (Mead)

 The oldest alcoholic drink in the history probably because it is easiest to make! It tastes relatively sweet than dry, and it’s definitely a fancier alternative to champagne.


#2 Fresh Apple Cider

The most classic flavor of apple cider! The balance of acidity and sweetness makes it irresistible! Pick out your friend’s favorite kind of apples and make this special drink for your friend! .


#1 Simple Hard Cider

Finally here comes the most popular homebrewing drink among all Alchemanians! It tastes not as sweet as fresh apple cider, but it still completely keeps the great taste and fragrance of apples. The steps to make this hottest cider are quite simple! Add your favorite apple juice, white sugar, yeast and water into the pitcher, and you’ll eventually get this incredible alchoholic drink! Maybe that’s the reason why it is called “simple hard cider”!



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