The Holiday Drinking Schedule

27th Nov 2019

2020 is just around the corner and you know what that means. Yes, the family holidays are coming. The most wonderful time of the year where you get to catch up with people you are somewhat fond of. So, everyone starts arriving and before they get through the door, they’re already asking questions about your life. ‘You married yet?’, ‘Where are you working?’, ‘Oh you should be doing better.’ You’re less than halfway through, and you really need that drink, otherwise you definitely won’t last until the main course.

But what kind of drink? You don’t want to bust out the Tequila and start slamming down shots in front of the family showing what you really learnt during your college years. A beer won’t do cause it’s a little too casual and wine is maybe too sophisticated. You need a subtle drink that’s strong enough to keep you at ease yet at the same time looks like it’s not a strong drink at all. Yup, you guessed it, drinking a homebrew is the way to go.


Pear Strawberry Cider

The combination of pear and strawberry gives off a fruity smell which expertly hides the smell of alcohol, which is needed when you are at a Thanksgiving party. The bright pink color gives off the impression that it might just be juice. And if anyone asks it IS just juice, but you can’t let anyone try it, so you don’t get caught. Except if your cool cousin asks, then you’d probably want to go ahead and share.  The drink is best served chilled so that it will complement the massive amounts of food you are about to devour.


Pumpkin Spice Honey Mead

One of Alchema’s newer recipes delivers a drink that smells exactly what Christmas should smell like. The aroma of cloves and cinnamon is a delight that will improve anyone’s mood. Since it’s Christmas, the drink will have no problem blending in with the flavours on hand. If anyone asks to say that it is a homebrew and if they can try it, don’t let them taste it, because after the first sip they will be craving more. Best to save your own homebrew to yourself and maybe MAYBE letting your favorite family member taste it.

New Year's Eve

Pomegranate Cider

Ahhh the New Year. The time when you say, ‘I don’t need New Year’s resolutions this time’, but once you hear other people’s lists you may think ‘okay yah, might as well’. Then you will do what you do every year, which is to not get any of your resolutions done.

While you know this from years of experience, the people around you don’t… and they will ask what you are hoping to achieve next year, and their questions are going to stress you out. Your go-to drink is the Pomegranate Cider, which positions you as sophisticated and knows what you are talking about. The taste offers a stronger berry flavour combined with a hint of honey. The cider is also a little dry, making this a perfect drink to have with small snacks: the best combination to have right before the fireworks go off to celebrate a brand-new year.


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