Sweet Sweet Honey

If simplicity is key, then Honey Mead is King. Honey mead is one of ALCHEMA’s specialities. It is widely adored and extremely easy to make. The beverage’s aromatic smell combined with a sweet taste makes it a delightful weekend treat. While some may critique this homebrew as having a lower alcohol content, the beauty with ALCHEMA is that you are in control. If you want the drink to have a higher alcohol content, then it is possible to adjust it to suit your taste. First-timers generally prefer to follow the recipe as it is shown, but once you become more experienced, we strongly encourage you to try experimenting. After all, nothing amazing was ever created by playing it safe.


Pear is perfect to counter the sweet taste of the honey mead. It manages to balance the beverage perfectly because the fruit is a little tart. The enticing aroma combined with the delightful taste, truly makes this drink worth tasting.

To make, cube pears but make sure to remove the core otherwise it will make the homebrew too sour. Afterwards, put the pear into the pitcher, add water and honey and mix well.


Pineapples are widely loved throughout the homebrewing community. It is versatile, which means it goes well with many other recipes, and its jaw-dropping taste makes any drink want more. The sweet taste will complement well with the honey, thus giving the beverage a much more tropical feel.

Remove the pineapple skin and cut the sweet yellow flesh into 1-inch cubes. Alternatively, if fresh pineapple cannot be found, you might want to try and use pineapple juice. Just make sure that it is 100% all-natural with no preservatives as this could affect the growth of yeast. 


Raspberry is an amazing fruit, having the best balance between sweet and tart. Now picture it with Honey mead. Delicious. The refreshing taste will reinvigorate your taste buds, giving you an urge to make more.

The best way to set up this ingredient is to freeze it. Freezing the berry helps breaks down its cell wall and helps it release more flavour during the fermentation process. Try to squeeze the raspberries before freezing them so that the juice is released, this will also help release more flavour.


When combined, honey and tea are traditionally considered to be two health remedies, making tea a delicious homebrew add-in to Honey Mead. Jasmine tea, in particular, is a pleasant drink with a tantalising smell. Combine this with the honey mead homebrew and it will be like enjoying a drink in a cabin home with nature surrounding you. This peaceful combination will instantly release you from the pressures of a stressful day.

First, brew the tea with water. Make sure there is enough in order to reach the max line in the pitcher. Mix the honey with the tea and add yeast.

These honey mead combinations are best enjoyed during an afternoon hangout with family and friends. These drinks feature a delightful union of spectacular tastes and enticing aromas. These are well paired with a charcuterie set or with a fresh fruit platter.

The great thing about ALCHEMA is that it gives you the ability to decide what you want your drink to taste like. What is even better about this drink is that it takes you all of five minutes to prepare. It’s quicker than going down to the store and looking for the drink itself! Not to mention cheaper. Once the homebrew is ready to drink, you will want to give yourself a pat on the back for the amazing beverage that you experimented with.


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