Strawberry Pear Cider

The changing of seasons is a beautiful thing. The transition creates a mingling period where you get to experience a place in time between the two as they slowly intertwine.

Before you know it, that in-between phase disappears. Picture the time that summer is fading away and dissolving into fall. It’s no longer scorching hot, but it’s not quite cold yet either. You can feel the shift coming in the air, but at that moment you’re able to enjoy it all at once. Unfortunately, we can only embrace that balance for so long. So, how do we infuse that feeling into a drink that we can experience time and time again? We combine the taste of summer with early fall!

Strawberries are in peak season from late April to August, and pears make their debut in late summer and early fall. The smooth overlap in time makes this fruit combination align perfectly into an alluring blend of seasons. Strawberry pear cider is certainly non-traditional, but it’s oh so delicious! The pears sweetness and aroma bring balance to the strawberries tartness and the complexity of flavor increases. To make this cider, you’ll need sugar, yeast, and water to add in with your fruit.

Using frozen fruit for this recipe is recommended since the ice crystals break down the structure of the fruit which preserves their flavor and aroma. You can pick up fresh pears and strawberries at a farmers market and freeze them yourself to ensure freshness. The strawberries you choose should be plump, firm, and vibrant red, while the pears should be firm but not hard, with a nice fragrance. Pears will ripen off of the vine from the inside out, and when they’re fully ripe, they should give a little at the base of the fruit. Cut the pears into cubes and the strawberries into halves before freezing and using in your cider.

Use the Alchema app to follow along with quick and effortless step-by-step instructions for making your cider. The app will do all of the measuring for you and tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added as you go.

Your finished cider will be very light and refreshing with exquisite flavor. Enjoy the pleasant aroma which will remind you of a sweet summer breeze with the scent of both pear and strawberry present. Your palate will quickly awaken from the strawberries acidity, as it prepares for the sweet, milky flavor of pear.

It is best to savor the incredible fruit flavors of your cider chilled, but without any ice to prevent dilution. This strawberry pear cider is not only a perfect drink to sip on by itself, but it also pairs nicely with a light seafood dish such as broiled fish or blackened shrimp. The weather is cooling down, the days are growing shorter, and it will soon be time to trade swimsuits for sweaters. Saying goodbye to summertime isn’t easy, and some extra effort might be needed to make the transition into fall smoother.

So, sit back and sip on your strawberry pear cider and embrace the perfect harmony between the two seasons. Who says you can’t indulge in the best of both worlds for a little while longer?

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