Spice Up April Fool’s Day with this Evil Cider


April Fool’s Day is around the corner. If you’re looking to fool some friends with some unforgettable tricks–and want to steer clear of cliches–look no further than Alchema. Picture this:


You give your friend a bottle of cider: “I made this just for you!”  

Your friend responds: “’re so sweet!”  

They take a sip of the cider and it tastes...SPICY? Deliciously spicy and evil that is...


This April Fool’s Day spice up your cider with a recipe fermented from traditional apple juice--but with a twist. Certain fragrances and flavors will balance out the spiciness and make it resonate. Try these herbs for that extra flair of spice in your cider:  

  • Bay leaf
  • Cinnamon
  • Chinese pepper
  • Lemon grass
  • Curry leaves
  • Raisin


To turn the spice up another notch, we chose dry chilis and garlic as the main hot ingredients, giving the cider a very light piquancy flavor. This differs from spiciness you get with pepper or ginger, because this piquancy adds heat–painfulness–that makes the spicy aroma even stronger.  

First, you used a tea bag to hold the herbs and spices. Raisins can help make the tea bag sink and remain immersed in the cider during fermentation, letting all the spicy molecules release more easily. For the yeast, you can use the slow fermentation yeast strain from Alchema to make this cider because the longer it ferments, the more aroma it can absorb from the tea bag. After 14 days of primary fermentation, we add the dry hot chilis and garlic to the cider for 5 days as a second fermentation. Once it’s ready, it’s time for Snow White to have a sip of this EVIL apple cider.

As for the taste? This cider is so exotic and astonishing that it's unforgettable. The curry leaves and Chinese pepper give it a fabulous tropical feeling, like roaming in a romantic spice garden in the spring. The sharp fragrance from hot chili and garlic gives the cider a kick. And at the end, an ethereal earthy mint taste with a grassy freshness from the bay leaves and lemongrass eases the palate.


We hope your friends will be pleasantly surprised and even FOOLED by this unforgettable exotic April Fools' Day cider. They may just come back for more.  


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