Signature Drink | Orange Cider

10th September 2019


Did you know that oranges were at first considered the fruit of the Gods? It’s true! The “golden apples” that is referred to in Ancient Greek stories about Hercules are oranges. Oranges have been popular throughout history, so it isn’t a surprise to see the orange cider as one of our top drinks. Not only is it easy to make through an ALCHEMA, but also the taste is to die for. 


Orange cider is probably one drink that isn’t as well-known as apple ciders or beers, but it still tastes amazing, nonetheless. The combination of tartness and sweetness makes the drink dance along with your taste buds. If you are not much of a tart fan, not to worry! ALCHEMA allows you to design the drink as you please, making you have full control. First-timers prefer following our recipes, but as you get more experienced with this you will be out there designing your own drinks making wonders in a glass. 


Orange Cider


Alcohol Concentration: 11.8% 

Brix (sweetness): 21.1 Brix

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This sunny drink radiates happiness whoever has the amazing opportunity to try this drink. By having a high alcohol concentration than most of our other homebrews, it will be perfect after a long week or a Sunday morning brunch. 



- Orange Juice

- Orange peels

- White Sugar

- Yeast 


Step One:

Using orange juice is probably the easiest way to make this type of drink. Unlike the simple hard cider, we don’t recommend using oranges. The taste will not be strong enough in the end and the final product will just end up tasting like pure alcohol. It is important to know that when you are buying the juice, you need to buy the one that is 100% all-natural with no artificial preservatives. If it’s you are a first-timer and not sure what juice to buy, we recommend getting Tropicana or Mountain Fresh Fruit Juices. If they don’t have it at your local supermarket, you can just ask the assistant for orange juice with no preservatives in them.


Step Two:

When the juice is bought, it is important to filter the orange juice when pouring it into the pitcher. This means that no pulp cannot get into the pitcher, otherwise, it will clog the pressure hole at the top of the pitcher during the fermentation process. The best option to separate the pulp and juice would be either using a mesh bag. A strainer is also a good option, but eventually, after a while, the pulp will end up clogging the holes in the strainer.


Next, add some orange peels to give a tartness flavour to the cider.


Step Three:

Adding sugar is the next step. While it may seem that you need to add a lot of sugar, you needn’t worry because this is what the yeast will use to convert it into alcohol. Just follow the app's instructions and you will be fine. The app will also notify you when the homebrew is ready. 


Step Four:

Now, it is time to add yeast.


Some people that might say that the type of yeast that is used is not that important. This is not the case. Many different types of yeast that can be used and that will change the way that the final drink will taste like. In the end, it depends on what type of drink you want. For example, if you want your simple hard cider to be more carbonated, then you have to pick a particular yeast that will be able to do that. While ALCHEMA does provide different types of yeast, you can also buy yeast outside. I would advise researching what type of yeast to get this will prevent you from getting a wrong one and make the final batch not taste good. Just make sure that it is fermenting yeast and not baker’s yeast, otherwise, you will end up making bread.


If you want your drink to be more carbonated, then you have the process of putting the homebrew through another fermentation process. The taste will be the same, the homebrew will just be more carbonated. 



If you want to let your creative side takeover, there are many different variations of the beverage. Adding pineapple or mangoes will give the drink a more tropical taste. Either of these fruits will let your imagination take over and send you to the tropics. You can also add some cinnamon to give the recipe a little bit of that coolness. Also, there is the option of adding some coffee beans. This will give you a heart-warming smell, that will just excite your taste buds.

This drink will be an amazing go-to after a long hard working week. Having it with Doritos would be the perfect Friday after-work snack! Another best option is having it with brunch. Imagine a Sunday morning, a group of friends, mouth-watering breakfast and a nice cool orange cider to wash it down. Nothing gets better than that.


The simplicity of the ALCHEMA allows you to create any drink you choose. If all you want is a tasty drink after a long week but don’t want to put any effort into it, then orange cider is a drink that is worth trying. The combination of a tarty taste and a higher alcohol content gives the drinker a sense of relief after a long difficult week. 


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