Signature Drink | Hard Apple Cider

29th Aug 2019

Nothing beats a classic, the hard apple cider. Hard apple cider remains an all-time favourite drink to make among ALCHEMA users because it's extremely easy to prepare (only 5 minutes), and the resulting drink is consistently tasty. The combination of the app and machine simplifies the entire homebrew process where all you have to do is put in the ingredients and press the start button. It cannot get simpler than that!

The hard apple cider is also a perfect recipe for any first-timers to try, given how good it tastes even with the most common apple juice you can buy from the supermarket. The recipe can also then be easily tailored to individual preferences in alcohol contents and sugar level using ALCHEMA app. Once ALCHEMA users experience how simple and fun homebrews are to make, they often venturing into experimenting with different fruit ciders, or adding other ingredients, making this recipe the mother of many recipes.  Prepare to enjoy one of our finest signature drinks.


Hard Apple Cider

Alcohol Concentration: 11.7%

Brix (Sweetness): 8.5 Brix

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This apple-flavoured cider is golden yellow, which gives the drink an alluring appeal. Its alcohol content is higher than the majority of the drinks we have, but its punch will deliver a glassful of calm after a long week. The sweetness of the drink takes you back to the youthful days of drinking apple juice, taking your imagination on a nostalgic ride.


  • 100% All -Natural Apple Juice
  • Fermenting Yeast
  • Sugar

 Brewing Instructions

One of the best things about hard apple cider is that it is extremely easy to make. The ALCHEMA app has all the instructions. All that needs to be done is to follow what to put in and how much of it. While there are two ways of making an apple cider, the main ingredient for this recipe is apple juice.

Step One:

Using pre-prepared apple juice is most convenient, as there is no preparation time, but it is important to use only 100% natural juice with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. The presence of any preservative will affect the growth of the yeast and the fermentation process, which will also affect the final taste of the drink. Using 100% all-natural apple juice ensures that the yeast will be able to grow efficiently. I recommend using either Mott’s or Treetop Apple Juice as a starter. If they are not in your supermarket, ask the assistant for apple juice with no preservatives in them.

「tree top juice」的圖片搜尋結果「Mott’s」的圖片搜尋結果

Step Two:

Once you bought the juice, fill up the pitcher until it reaches the max line shown on the pitcher. The max line is approximately 0.6 gallons.

Step Three:

Next, add the amount of sugar that the app tells you to add. That’s it! It is as simple as that. The machine will ferment the drink, and the app will notify you when the homebrew is ready to drink.

Step Four:

Now, it is time to add yeast. 

Some people that might say that the type of yeast that is used is not that important. This is not the case. Many different types of yeast that can be used and that will change the way that the final drink will taste like. In the end, it depends on what type of drink you want. For example, if you want your simple hard cider to be more carbonated, then you have to pick a particular yeast that will be able to do that. While ALCHEMA does provide different types of yeast, you can also buy yeast outside. I would advise researching what type of yeast to get this will prevent you from getting a wrong one and make the final batch not taste good. Just make sure that it is fermenting yeast and not baker’s yeast, otherwise, you will end up making bread.

If you want your drink to be more carbonated, then you have the process of putting the homebrew through another fermentation process. The taste will be the same, the homebrew will just be more carbonated.


There are some variations to the beverage. If you want your beverage to have a fresher scent, you might want to use fresh apples. You would need to cut apples into 1-inch cubes and add water as well. Best way to drink this is chilled with no ice. The ice will end up diluting the drink and not tasting the good later on. The drink would go perfect on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The first contact the cider has with your taste buds will make you wish you had made more.

If you want a tropical taste, good fruit to throw in would be mango or pineapple. This combination will take your imagination on trips you never thought you could experience. Why fly to the tropics if you can enjoy magnificent drinks at home. That is the experience ALCHEMA wants you to create in your own home.



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