September update

Dear Alchema family,

In this update, we will share with you our latest progress on the tooling process and the updated shipping date. Originally we promised you to ship your Alchema to you this fall, and we have been following the schedule closely until the mold trial last month where we found some of the molds need to be modified. Therefore, we will finish the production by November and start to ship in early December.

Starting from May, we have been analyzing and developing molds for each component of Alchema. The process took time because we needed to modify the design of both the components and the molds back and forth in order to make sure everything can be produced smoothly and get off the mold easily. Although paid much effort into the process before starting tooling, we still discovered some of the molds aren’t running well enough to meet the quality we ask. Therefore we have to modify molds again and test on the mold once we finish modification to see the result. After molds are tuned well, we will be going to mass production, where we manufacture all the parts and assemble them into the Alchema device. Based on the current schedule, we will finish the mass production in late November and start shipping in December via sea from Taiwan.

funnels been injected

We will update the test result once we finish mold modification and do the trial production with the mold. It is the critical moment of the production process and we would like to keep you all in the loop.

Your continuous support is highly appreciated and we are truly sorry for the delay. Right now our most important goal is to deliver your Alchema on time without compromising the quality. It is not an easy task, but every member of the Alchema team is doing the best to make this happen. Thank you so much for staying with us!

The Alchema team



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