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Want to make cider but you are lack of time? Who says that you need heaps of time to make cider? Here are recipes that you can get ready in 5 mins and it will produce nice cider with good volume. 


The classic choice: simple hard cider

The apple hard cider is an all-time favorite. With apple juice, sugar and yeast, you will be able to get 2.4L (about 3 bottles of wine) hard cider. This cider is crispy and has the nice acidity of the apple. The apple juice you choose decides how this cider tastes (of course since it is the only ingredient). You are free to experiment with all kinds of apple juice. The only thing to keep in mind is: use preservative-free juice. Yeast cannot survive preservative (they are very aware of diet healthiness. We should look up to it.) 

We suggest starting from the Treetop apple juice.  It is preservative free so the yeast can thrive in it. It is clear which results in clear cider. If you use cloudy apple juice, it is very likely you'll get cloudy cider. 

Ingredients: Apple juice 2300g/Sugar 280g/Yeast packet Premier Rouge


The good-old taste: mead

Mead is probably the oldest alcoholic beverage drink. And yet we still drink it today. Why? Because it is delicious! There's an even better part: it is no hard to make mead. All you need is simply honey, water, and yeast. And you'll get 2.4L (about 3 bottles of wine) delicious golden alcoholic beverage. 

Honey picking is easy. Any honey is good for mead making. Raw honey is fine, too. Apple blossom honey, orange blossom honey,...etc. There are heaps of different variety. Just choose the one you like the most and give it a go. Trust me, you won't regret it. 

Ingredients: Honey 600g/Water add to max line/Yeast packet Premier Rough


After introducing these two cider classic recipes, you may wonder, how about making cider from real fruit? Easy, easy. We are getting there. 

When it comes to making cider from fruit. There is a super ingredient that you'll never go wrong with- the strawberry. 


The ultimate berry luxury: raspberry strawberry cider

Who can resist this pinkish fruity cider? The cider taste rich in raspberry and strawberry tastes, the sour and sweet tastes just make people keep on pouring more into their glass. 

You may wonder now: where do I get the ingredients? I need raspberries and strawberries and it doesn't sound easy to prepare since I may need to wash them and remove strawberry stems. 

Well, let me tell you the beauty of this recipe. It works great with frozen fruit! Since the water crystal will break the cell wall of fruit and help to release the flavor of it, we actually encourage people to use frozen fruit to make cider. We've tried making cider with Dole raspberries and strawberries, which you can easily find in the supermarket. Other brands of frozen fruit are good for this recipe, too. Get packs of frozen raspberries and strawberries, toss them in, add water and yeast, it takes you less than 5 mins. And you'll get good cider. I know, sometimes life is just too good to be true, but you gotta believe it when it actually happens. 

Ingredients: Frozen raspberry 500g/Frozen strawberry 500g/Sugar 400g/Yeast packet Premier Rouge

The tropic hit: pineapple strawberry cider

Our another winner recipe of strawberry is pineapple strawberry cider. This is another recipe that you can use frozen fruit to get beautiful cider. Dole also has frozen pineapple. All you need to do is toss these ingredients into ALCHEMA pitcher and wait for the result with ease! You just can't think of other easier ways. 

Ingredients: Frozen pineapple 500g/Frozen strawberry 600g/Sugar 440g/Yeast packet Premier Blanc. 


 Have you decided which recipe to go first? Go get ingredients ready, you'll be able to start making your own time in no time! Woop woop!



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