Recipe| Green Hoppy mead for St. Patrick

When it comes to St. Patrick day, you gotta drink green! 

Green Hoppy Mead is what you need. This week, we will tell you how to make this green drink to WOW your friends! 

Have you tried our hoppy mead? It has the hops aroma and yet won't cause you to burp. Since the mead is made with honey, you will have a nice honey aroma. Choose the "hoppy mead" recipe, and prepare ingredients you need, which are honey, yeast and water. The app will guide you through the process to make the hoppy mead. Once the hoppy mead is ready, the app will send you a notification. 

Next move, put the pitcher into the fridge for 5 days to let the yeast settle. Carefully pour out the hoppy mead without stirring up the yeast settled at the bottom. If you like your hoppy mead with a little sparkle, you can store the mead in the air-tight bottles for about a week. This step can be a bit dangerous since we want the air to accumulate in the bottle to create the sparkling. If there is too much gas, you may create a fountain when you open it. Or the bottle may explode if the air pressure gets too high. Make sure the bottles you use can stand high pressure. Open the cap from time to time to release some gas can reduce the risk of exploding. 

The critical part is to get the hoppy mead as green as we like it to be. We were so naive thought that by using natural ingredients like kiwi fruit. But the truth is, you will never get the St. Patrick green by using fruit or vegetable. Thanks to the food coloring, we can make the green drink easily. Use a plastic dropper and put one drop into the glass and fill it up with hoppy mead. Stir it gently until the coloring dissolves in the mead. You can adjust the amount of coloring you add until the drink is green as you like. You can buy the food coloring on ALCHEMA website. CLICK HERE to get the food coloring. 

Check out ALCHEMA website on 27th, purchase the ALCHEMA on that date, you'l get a St. Patrick hoppy mead kit for free. Ready to rock the date? Get on board with ALCHEMA team! 

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