Recipe | Grape mead

Alcohol level: 8.0%

Brix: 10 (Semi-dry)


This grape mead recipe is made for lazy bugs! Instead of using fresh grapes, we use grape juice instead. Remember to choose preservative free juice, any preservative can prohibit the growth of the yeast which leads to fermentation failure. 

This grape mead has a heavy body with a stronger alcohol taste. But since we use grape juice instead of fresh grapes, the fragrance is weaker. Therefore this drink is good to pair with greasy heavy meat dish like spicy pork stew. 


The most interesting Alchemanian's recipe of the week! 

Nancy's Apple Pie Mead created by nbaisch

Alcohol level% : 8.0%

Brix : 8 (semi-dry)

Everyone loves apple pie. How about making it into a mead! Alchemanian Nancy created this yummy apple pie mead. Let's make the drinkable apple pie together! 


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