Recipe| Blackcurrant mead

Alcohol level: 7.0%

Brix: 12 (Semi-sweet)


Blackcurrants may look small, but they are rich in flavor! Blackcurrant bushes are pretty prolific. The blackcurrants are rich in tannin and acidity. You may not want to eat blackcurrants directly since they are really sour. However, combine blackcurrant and honey, you'll have a very delicious melomel (mead made with fruit). 

Blackcurrant's tannin combine with honey creates a taste similar to red wine. We make the ABV% lower and brix higher so the drink won't be too acidic. Chilled with lots of ice for a crisp and fresh taste. 

Blackcurrant mead pairs well to the dessert, too. Get a bag of blackcurrant, make a jar of blackcurrant mead and cook a jar of blackcurrant jam. Pour a glass of cold blackcurrant mead and spoon some blackcurrant jam on a piece of cheesecake.  You just got a good afternoon tea plan!


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Alcohol level% : 8.0%

Brix : 12 (semi-sweet)

If you love berries and want some fresh taste. This recipe is for you!


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