Recipe| Raspberry blueberry mead

Alcohol level: 8.0%

Brix: 10 (Semi-dry)

This recipe is derived from last week's blackberry blueberry mead. We replaced blackberry with raspberry. You can play around with different berries. Raspberry is less sweet than blackberry but more fruity. We will recommend putting raspberries in the freezer overnight. This step will help to release more flavor of raspberries. You can also use the frozen fruit pack from the supermarket. 

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Oriental Peach Infused Wine created by Oscar 

This recipe is created by Oscar, the CEO and the founder of ALCHEMA. And it also rated by Alchemanians as his favorite recipe! According to Terry Smith, one of our users, "We tried the oriental peach packet that can be ordered through Alchema, and it's incredible! It's by far my favorite! It's not too sweet. It's just perfect! I recommend it highly."

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