Pineapples Days

16th Oct, 2019

There is a reason why the pineapple is considered the King of the fruit. Its fresh, crisp taste is liberating and will treat your taste buds leaving them craving more. Despite the popularity of pineapples, very few people know about the history and uses of the fruit. We decided to break it down and tell you Alchemians just how special this tropical fruit is.

What are the origins of pineapples?

Originally thought to be from the region between Brazil and Paraguay, pineapples were first discovered on a Caribbean island by a European expedition in 1493. When the fruit was brought back to Europe, there wasn’t any success to grow the fruit because it was too cold. Therefore, it was sent to Asian colonies (ie the Philippines and India) and Australia in order to be grown and harvested. Today these countries are still growing and harvesting these delicious fruits. This is the reason why Australia and the Philippines are one of the major fruit exporters.

King Charles II being presented with the first pineapple

What different types of pineapples are there?

Pineapples can be divided into four different categories based on several factors; such as taste, color and size. The four types of pineapples are: “Smooth Cayenne”, “Queen”, “Abacaxi”, and “Red Spanish”. 

The first type is “Smooth Cayenne”. It boasts a sugary taste that is delightful and has striped leaves that distinguishes itself from the other types. This pineapple type also accounts for the majority of the canned variety.

The second type is called the “Queen” pineapple. Also known as the “Common Rough”, this type is a little smaller than the other types. It has a darker flesh and a tropical fragrance that tantalises you until you taste it. It is best to eat this fruit fresh as it ages quickly, and it does not taste good when it comes from a can. 

The next type is called the “Abacaxi”. This type is considered to be very disease-resistant and has lighter flesh. The whiter flesh is said to be more tender, juicier and richer making this type of pineapple taste that much better. But it is also more fragile, making it difficult to transport to some regions.

The last type of pineapple is called the “Red Spanish”. Usually grown in the middle part of the Americas, it has a light yellow color and has a very aromatic smell. While it may not be as tender as the “Abacaxi”, it is easier to transport to other regions across the globe. The taste is not as sweet as the other types, but it is still a delicious treat.

How do you choose the right type of pineapple?

The most important thing to know when purchasing pineapples is that the fresher they are, the better they will taste. Therefore, it is important to know when they are in season so that you could go off and buy a whole bunch to binge. But what if you want some and it is not in season? No worries, you can still buy some, but you need to be aware of certain things. The first is to be aware of the harvesting date, the later it is the better it will taste. If it is too ripe, then the pineapple will taste a little too sour for your liking and not as juicy. 

Another thing to look out for is the color of the pineapple. If it looks like it is more yellow, then the pineapple is riper and will have a tarter taste. If the fruit seems to have a lighter color, then it will be sweeter.

How do you store pineapples?

Pineapples are one of those fruits that can easily ripen if not stored properly. If you are going to eat the fruit immediately and there are leftovers, put the leftovers in a plastic container and place it in the refrigerator. 

If you are planning on eating the fruit later, we recommended not cutting the fruit until it will be eaten. Leaving the skin on will allow the fruit to preserve its flavor. Just put the whole fruit into the refrigerator as this will slow down the ripening of the fruit. 

How can we use pineapples to make cider?

Pineapples are the epitome of summer and the tropics. The golden fruit offers a rich sweet taste that will entice your taste buds to leap for joy after the first taste. By turning it into cider, you are doing yourself a much-needed favour.

Some of the ingredients you need are:

Pineapples (diced): 1000g

Brown Sugar: 400g

Yeast: Premier Rogue 


Step 1: Wash the knife, cutting board and the pineapple. Once dry, cut the pineapple into cubes while also removing the skin.

Step 2: Place the contents into the pitcher. Add 400g of brown sugar, yeast and water. Make sure to mix it well. Follow the instructions of the Alchema App in order to make your pineapple cider.

Step 3: After the fermentation process is complete, we recommend chilling the drink in the refrigerator. If you were to add ice, later on, it will dilute the cider as time goes by. In the end, the drink will not taste as good due to the dilution.


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