Pear Mead

Most people will agree that there is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than enjoying an ice cold beverage. Well, maybe lounging in a pool or some good old air conditioning - but we have to stay hydrated, right?!

Along with warmer weather comes an infinite array of summer-time drinks such as lemonade, slushies, sangria, and frosty bottles beer. Of course, you could stick to plain old ice water, but that doesn’t always do the trick. If you’re craving something sweet and satisfying, pear and honey cider will be sure to hit the spot. The flavors complement one another and blend in perfect harmony to create a light and refreshing drink. To make this cider, you’ll need sugar, yeast, and water to add in with your fruit and honey.

When creating a top-notch pear infused cider, you have to find pears with great acidity. They should be firm but not hard and have a sweet fragrance. Pears will ripen off of the vine from the inside out and give a little at the base of the fruit when they are fully ripe. Try not to select overripe fruit since this will have an undesirable effect on your finished cider. Once you have your fruit, cut it into sections and be sure to remove any seeds since they can add bitterness to the finished cider. Take an extra step to preserve the flavor and aroma of the cut fruit by freezing it before use. The ice crystals will break down the structure of the pears and ensure maximum flavor.

When choosing honey for your recipe, you’ll want to select a high-quality product that’s not overly sweet and has a nice aroma. Avoid using filtered or pasteurized honey, and instead, go for a product that has only one ingredient and is labeled “raw” or “unrefined.” The less processed it is, the more flavor you will end up getting in your cider. Once you’ve chosen your ingredients, you can get started!

Use the Alchema app to follow along with quick and effortless step-by-step instructions. The app will do all of the measurings for you and will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added as you go. The fermentation time for this recipe is seven days, so your delicious cider will be ready for you in just a week.

Take a sip and experience this delightful fusion of flavors. Slight tartness from the pears mellows the honey’s sweetness so that it stands out without being cloying. Enjoy the sweet, milky taste of pear with its pleasant aroma and floral notes. This pear mead can’t afford to be diluted by ice since it would significantly decrease in flavor. Instead, simply enjoy your cider chilled right from the refrigerator. Feel free to add a sprig of rosemary to your glass to dress it up a bit and add an extra touch of fragrance. This cider is perfect for sipping by itself or pairing with seafood since it marries exceptionally well and brings forth the umami quality of the dish.

Pear mead is so refreshing and delicious that it’s hard to stop drinking it. Seriously - nothing com-pears! You can soak up the sun while soaking up the sweetness of this tasty drink as it keeps you cool on even the hottest of days!

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