Partners> Customers> Investors> Me


By Oscar Chang(CEO)

What I would want to talk about today is how important my partners mean to me. I believe that the key to a successful company is having great partners to deliver their value. In order to make them feel safe and love their careers, the leader must be responsible to protect them. Remember that the reason why a company thrives is because of partners’ involvement; the reason why it fails is the wrong decisions the leader made.


I believe that the rank in my company is like this: Partners>Customers>Investors>Me. Though the income statement shows that the human resource is the expense of a company, I don’t agree. If you train your employees well, their value would increase. When a company treats its employees well, they work harder. When they feel treasured, they treat customers well. When your customers are happy, your company earns more money. When you have tons of customers, you will attract investors. When you keep making money for investors, they are willing to let me run this firm. In order to make this positive cycle happen, there are three things I think a leader should do:   


First, you must know what is your employee’s dream. Some of them want to make money; some of them want their design to be realized; some of them want to write an App to rock the world. If you find out you can’t help this person fulfill his/her dream, you should let this person go. And remember don’t put your dream on anyone; otherwise, people would leave. If you can’t help them to realize their dreams, why should they work with you to fulfill your dream?


Second, be a real leader. A great leader should take all the responsibility when your company makes mistakes and give all the honor to your partners when your company does well. It is ashamed that you take all the credit and push all the responsibility to your partners when something goes wrong, and you still call yourself “leader.” A leader should build a comfort zone for your partners; therefore, they can devote all their hearts to work and don’t have to worry a thing.


Third,     judge on the facts. People make mistakes. When someone does things wrong, the first thing you need to do is to fix it, not to find someone to blame. Remember the true success is when your team succeeds. After fixing the problem, find who makes it and help this person not make the same mistake again.


If you do all the tips above, you will have very loyal partners. They will work with you perfectly and treat this company well. Since you value them, they will pay you back. Though we are still working on bringing our product to life, I believe I will not disappoint my partners, nor my partners disappoint me.


In the next CEO column, I will go through the journey of our company from the beginning. This will not be a happy story. If you want to know more, stay tuned. If you have any suggestions, please shoot me an e-mail(    

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