October update

Dear Alchema family,

Here is our October update. It’s been a while but it all worth to wait cause we have assembled 50 sample units! Hooray!

We’ve been testing the molds by producing different parts and the results were good. And we moved on to next step: putting every component together to assemble a working device. As we putting parts together, we had some issues. First, we found out that the pitcher lid is a bit small due to the shrinking effect of the plastic injection, so we had difficulties screwing the lid onto the pitcher. Second, some of the devices cannot be booted up. We spent a couple of days looking for the cause of these issues and working on solutions. Luckily these two problems had been solved by adjusting the manufacturing process and we were back to our track.

We’ve made 50 sample units and they will be used on testing all the functions before we start the mass production. Also, we will do the packaging test. We will put a device into the packaging box and drop it from a specific height to see if the box can withstand the impact and protect the device. Every part of the product, from the device to the packaging, has to pass the tests so we can go ahead and start the mass production.

Based on the current schedule, we will start mass production in November and finish in December. We aim to start shipping in mid-December from Taiwan via sea. Since we have to plan the shipping beforehand with our manufactory and logistic partners, we are required to provide shipping addresses. Thank you all for being so cooperative, we’ve received replies from you and confirmed shipping information on 15th. 

Our App is also at the testing stage. The main functions of the app are all well developed and just need some copywriting. The app will be tested along with the 50 sample units. Once we lock down the designs of the app, we will send the copy to the copywriter for the final polish. We plan to launch the app in November. We are so excited that everything is coming together! Guess you are just as excited as us. :)



The Alchema Team


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