November Update!



It’s November, the weather is getting chilly. However, the team of Alchema is still full speed working on the development. This update is about what we did in October and what’s on our plate next.  

Manufacture: Wrapping up DFM

After months of discussion with our manufacturer partner, the DFM (design for manufacture) process is almost finished. The final 3D design file will be ready in early November and we will start to produce our final mockup in order to validate every single function and user experience. We are confident that it can go through all the test and we can start the mass production in December.

APP: Change to card-based user interface

To make sure you have the best experience when exploring new recipes, we redesigned the layout of how recipes display in the Alchema App. The card-based interface, comparing to the old list-based style, allows users to access information of recipes in a more comprehensive and convenient way. Moreover, the card-based interface not only has more scalability for further function extension but it can also realize the consistency between mobile version and web version, which we’ll release in the future.

Cider recipes:the pumpkin cider challenge!

Since autumn is the season of pumpkins, so our researcher took the challenge to make a pumpkin cider! Generally, the pumpkin cider and pumpkin beer bought from stores are just beer or hard cider with pumpkin flavor. What we want to do is to try to make pumpkin cider totally from pumpkins.

To make a pumpkin cider is not easy since pumpkins contain too many fibers and little sugar available for yeast to use. That’s why pumpkin is not a common material for making alcoholic beverage. In our experiment, we used two ways to cook pumpkin to release sugar, and tried different methods to see which one turns out better. We will share the results on our Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned! 

Wish you a great holiday season and we are always excited to hear any thoughts from you. Feel free to leave us a message!  

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