Need Inspiration to Create New Drinks?

11 Dec 2019


2020 is around the corner. While it seems as if 2019 just started, you should look back at some of the amazing moments that have occurred; whether it was accomplishing something or discovering something new. We at Alchema look back as what has been a remarkable year. With new Alchemians and new recipes, we cannot help but wonder what we have in store for 2020.

That thought of what is going to happen is something that I think that every Alchemian experiences when making their homebrew. That combination of excitement and worry over what your homebrew might taste like. It’s a good feeling, and the only way to get that feeling is to let your imagination run wild and create something.

While you have may have a difficult time coming up with something, we urge you to hop onto the Alchema app and simply play around with the ingredients we’ve listed out. In fact, try combining some ingredients to come up with the craziest recipe you can think of, like banana and caramel mead.

Another way to come up with a recipe is to walk around the supermarket and look at the different ingredients you can use. When inspiration strikes, write your ideas down so you don’t forget. If you’re not that creative, it is possible to come up with something. You just have to allow yourself to think about whatever you want. Simply let go and pick whatever ingredient you want, whatever it might be. It could be pumpkin, watermelon mead or lemon, kiwi cider. While the ingredient may sound weird, it might taste amazing, you just have to experiment and find out for yourself.

The feeling of creating something with the power of imagination and easy access to tools that can work magic is truly an amazing feeling. When creating a brand-new homebrew that no one has thought of, it creates that feeling of accomplishment. That is something we at Alchema wants everyone to experience.

So, as 2019 comes to an end, and you are frantically trying to figure out what your new year's resolution could be, try making "the act of letting your imagination run free" a daily routine. Brew something that you've never done before, something completely original, and if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted, don't worry! The process is what makes it fun, and who knows, you might even make a brand-new homebrew that makes everyone fall in love. Trust the process and Brew Your Imagination. 



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