March update

Dear Alchema family,

getting Alchema devices on a truck


It’s an exciting moment. We are proud to announce that 200 Alchema devices are now on their way to the U.S.!

The first thing we did is to get these babies loaded up in the container and got them on the ship. The ship has left Taiwan and is estimated to arrive at the U.S. on 21st March. These devices will be transported to our warehouse after arriving at the U.S. From there, we will dispatch Alchema devices to your home! Woop woop! The rest devices are under manufacturing at the moment. We will keep you updated once they are ready to be shipped.

We’ve also sent out all the yeast packet via USPS. Please check your mailbox! If you didn’t receive, let us know by sending email to We will send yeast packets to you again. Please contact us before April. We will not accept any yeast packets replenishment request after the end of March. 


The Alchema team

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