Maple Cinnamon Cider

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing sounds better than sitting back with a strong and heavy drink in hand? Many of us have felt this way at some time or another.

There’s something quite comforting about a cozy and decadent beverage. Kick off your shoes and slip into something comfortable as you enter relaxation mode. Maybe you’ve been meaning to catch up on that show you started watching, or you want to have a few friends over for a little game night.

Maple cinnamon cider is so delicious and warming that it will have anybody who sips it ready to unwind. To make this cider, you’ll need apple juice, maple syrup, one cinnamon stick, and yeast. This blend of apple, cinnamon, and maple flavors makes a perfect drink for any brisk fall or winter night. Since apple juice is the base of this recipe, it’s important to choose a good quality juice. Look for juice or sweet cider labeled “pasteurized,” which is available at most local grocery stores.

The juice or cider that you select should have no chemical preservatives (like sodium benzoate or potassium sulfate) since these will ruin fermentation. Sweet ciders or juices that have a cloudy appearance with a collection of sediment at the bottom will provide the best flavor. The maple syrup in this recipe will enhance the body and fill the cider with a mild maple aroma and sweet autumn flavor. Stick to using an organic, pure maple syrup. Anything described as a “breakfast syrup” or “pancake syrup” is filled with high fructose corn syrup and no actual maple syrup at all.

You will see that maple syrup varies in color from light to dark. This determines the grade of the product but creates no difference in the quality or nutritional value. Typically, the darker syrup has a stronger flavor in comparison to pale golden syrup. If you’d like a subtle, sweet flavor go for Fancy syrup, but use Grade A dark amber for a more hearty, robust, and traditional maple flavor. Lastly, add a fragrant cinnamon stick to your ingredients to get started!

Use the Alchema app to follow along with quick and effortless step-by-step instructions for making your cider. The app will do all of the measurings for you and tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’ve added as you go. The fermentation time for this recipe is six days. This finished cider will first introduce your palette to a sweet maple taste, followed by a full cinnamon aroma. The cinnamon adds a heaviness to the body of the cider and enriches its taste. The acidity from the apple juice balances the woody flavor as the tartness emerges and lingers.

This deep, amber colored cider is perfect served over ice and is tolerant to many levels of dilution due to its heaviness and complex flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a cinnamon stick to your glass and light the end until it’s smoldering for extra fragrance. You could also rim the glass lightly with maple syrup and dip it into a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for a sweet touch.

Spoil your senses by indulging in some dark chocolate as you enjoy this rich and luxurious cider. If you’re drinking this maple cinnamon cider with some friends, serve it alongside a warm batch of brownies to ensure that everyone is in sweet sensory overload. The first half of your day will be nothing but a distant fuzzy memory after a glass or two of this decadent cider!


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