Longan honey, a very common honey in Aisa

The longan is an evergreen subtropical fruit tree which is very common in South Asia like 

Taiwan, northern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam...etc. The longan fruit actually means "dragon's eye" in Chinese since the shape of longan resembles an eyeball. 

The color of longan honey is medium to dark amber. The flavor is fruity. It tastes pretty sweet. In Taiwan, the longan honey is one of the most common ones since it is monofloral honey so the flavor is rich and pure. When longan honey is used for mead making, the result will full of longan aroma.

Longan honey is good for making pure mead. If you want to use honey as the sugar substitute, the longan honey is probably not a good choice since its flavor is so strong that it will take over other fruit's flavors. 

Longan honey is pretty easy to find on the Amazon. And if it's possible, try to get longan honey from Taiwan, cause Taiwan has very good quality longan honey. 



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