Kickstarter successfully funded! What's next?


We've have finished the Kickstarter campaign and successfully funded thanks to the support from all over the world. Now what's next?



With the working sample in hand, we have been doing DFM (Design for Manufacture) with our manufacturer to make sure every component of Alchema can be produced easily and smoothly. After DFM comes tooling. We will do a pilot run to see if every function works as expected. If not, we need to adjust the molds until everything is OK. Finally, we can start the mass production, packaging, and shipping Alchema to every backers.



We have finished coding most of the structure and functions of iOS app. Now we’re refining the workflow and UI (user interface) in order to be most user-friendly. Next, we will continue to develop Android version based on what we learn from iOS and release both of the apps as we ship the device.



We are working on the 5 additional recipes and experimenting with different ways to handle the ingredients to see how the taste is different. For example, we tried to ferment using raw ginger and fried ginger to see which one is stronger.

If you missed to back our Kickstarter campaign, we're now taking pre-orders on Indiegogo Indemand, check it out!

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